Will the coming housing collapse rival 2008? Homes have never been this over-priced – Eric Basmajian

Eric Basmajian, Founder and Editor of EPB Macro Research, talks about the coming housing market correction, demographics, and whether it is better to rent or own a house. He spoke with David Lin, Anchor and Producer at Kitco News.

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0:00 – Housing market correction
16:10 – Immigration, FDI, and housing
17:39 – Inflation and housing
20:27 – Demographics
24:20 – Rent or own?

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  1. I wish all content providers would synchronize their mic volume with their guests. Tired of always having to adjust volume back and forth thru these videos.

  2. Well since there is no coming housing crash, the answer is no. People are forgetting 2008 there was not time to get out of the market. Credit derivitives side bets on swaps became illegal in the Dodd Frank act. This is not 2008 at all. People will simply take their houses off the market and wait for rates to blow over, meanwhile renting out rooms at 40% ROI to buyers on the sidelines waiting for a crash that never comes.

  3. Nice video David, Right now, it looks like many sellers are holding the price up. Even in those areas that are coming down like Boise, they are still over priced quite a bit. I think when we see unemployment start to increase, then we will see a larger drop in the real estate prices.

  4. Not a good outlook for Canadian Real Estate at least until the end of this decade if not longer.

    Massive liquidity has flooded the monetary system and runaway Inflation has been entrenched in the Country's Economy until at least the end of this decade.

    Assets Prices are in Bubble territory, all across the country with clear signs of bursting (CRASH)

    The fate of Canadian Real Estate will be decided in the coming months with the Unstable, Dark, Cold Freezing Europe, and its "Growing Energy Crisis".

    Interest rates have to go much much Higher (teen's double digits) to control the runaway inflation.

    In fact, another "Paul Volker" will be needed to bring the runaway inflation under control and like in the 1980s build a sound economy from the ground up.

    A new Bank governor (Paul Volker) is needed to act like a "National Hero" to save the Canadian dollar, get rid of the bubble-based economy by raising the rates, and to stop flooding the system with liquidities in the forms of collateral debt/ money printing/quantitative easing/digital cash, etc.

    Until then, the Inflation SAGA will continue forever.

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