Will the GOP Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory, as the Generic Polls Tighten?

A presidential poll!:
Indeed, are they even tightening?:

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  1. I probably could have done so before hand but I was slightly more sympathetic then. These days as a resident of Indiana I find myself comparing those calling for complete abortion bans to militant vegans.

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  3. Your right about Roe v Wade hurting Republicans. I've talked to several ppl who were not politically active, but that lit a fire until their asses against the GOP. I personally approved of the SCOTUS decision but I dont like how far the GOP is taking it with certain state bans.
    The Republicans are also mistaken when they think ppl support their ideals. Most people are still arguably LEFT, they're just not Socialist or Communist left, they're Liberal Left. The rise in Republican registration and electability is more about people punishing Dems than supporting the GOP.
    This is why the GOP has been usurping MAGA, they know their message is failing so they have to pretend to be Populists, an cuckservatives everywhere are falling for it.
    In fact, I intend on voting Democrat locally in the generals even though I'm a registered Republican, due to some so-called "MAGA" or "America First" "Trump Republicans" supporting lockdowns, COVID vaccines, BLM, Joe Biden, corporate welfare, politician pay raises, and other non-maga positions.
    I'm gonna be laughing in 2 years when all of you are b*tching about pork barrel spending and Authoritarianism. I'm gonna laugh even harder if y'all run DeSantis lol. I voted for Trump BOTH TIMES but I'd rather have Bernie "free healthcare" Sanders than Ron "arrest that dissident" DeDantis.

  4. the Republicans will only lose because they fail on stopping the Democrats, Evangelicals are always there, and they aren't getting worse, the far right is always there and they are just doing the expected. but the thing that is HURTING Republicans is that too many of them sides with Democrats. GUNS is one of the recent issue that Republicans have been completely cucking on, the Bipartisan gun control bill and allowing two representative to pass an Assauly Weapons Ban in the house, any and all Republicans NEEDS to dig their heels in on their positions, and pressure their peers to do the same.

  5. Yes. The GOP will mistake the disdain for the leftist tyranny as love for right wing religious fundamentalism. They will begin to ostracize those they have gained and force them to vote for third party candidates.

  6. The problem, is that conservatives have done the whole 'repeal everything from the last campaign' thing and it never goes well. And with how crazy the democrats are right now, then if now now, when should the Republicans push the religious stuff? I don't think the evangelicals care anymore about what's popular either because of how insane the country has gotten anyways

  7. Dems can point to something now, ahead of the midterms, with the bill they just passed in the senate.
    Now, the bill probably wont actually do shit about inflation, but dems can say it will do reduce it in the future.

  8. Yeah Republicans need to cool it. I can't imagine the overturning of Roe swaying too many independents after 2 years of shitty economy but it probably has energized some dems that might have sat this one out. Attempting to ban abortion completely will cost them the midterms. These states really ought to wait a bit.

    That said, this poll closing really does seem like the beginning of the typical establishment voter suppression they roll out for every election year, so maybe it's nothing.

  9. Why are we talking about polls…when literally, the last election had Trump winning, and they rigged it right out of our hands. We don’t have free and fair elections anymore.

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