Will Trump win in 2024? | Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman

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Joe Rogan is a comedian, UFC commentator, and host of the Joe Rogan Experience.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. Joe was a total jerk to Alex Jones last time he was on JRE. It was embarrassing.
    Joe isn’t his friend, he used him for the Jones audience. Really gone off Joe the past few years. The Spotify deal just solidified his drifting from being too far gone out of touch

  2. This short clip shows how biased Rogan is; he portrays himself as someone who is curious, and he calls out Trump’s ego constantly, yet he refuses to talk to Trump because his ego thinks he will change the course of our country. Biden changed that in 2 years. It’s awfully hypocritical and more people are finally starting to see the bullshit.

  3. I know many here are going to disagree, but Trump isn't ever going to be reelected. There are many reasons, but primarily since his ego simply won't allow him to appeal to the moderates in this country: He can't even appeal to the moderates within his own party and routinely denigrated them as RINOS. That, coupled with the fact that he lost the popular vote in 2016, and lost to quite possibly the worst Democratic candidate ever put forth in my lifetime, is pretty much ensuring that he will lose to any worthwhile strong Democratic candidate in 2024. The only way he could win is if the Democrats are stupid enough to offer up a weakling far left candidate for the nomination. I doubt that's going to happen. This isn't even taking into account the very real damage he's done with hanging on to this idiotic claim that the election was rigged.

  4. This is what I hate about Trump critics. All you folks accuse trump of being a bull sh#tter or evil and yet you never ever say what he bull sh#tted about and what he did in his four years or before that would make him evil, fake or whatever vs. yourself or all your democratic heroes. Trump never left a woman in a river. Trump never was accused of banging (and in some cases) impregnated or murdering congressional interns…and yet you guys keep yelling Trump this, Trump that. It's amazing! So childish!

    Joe Rogan claims he doesn't want to help Trump. Trump doesn't need his help. Trump's been doing great things decades ago when Rogan still had hair and was failing as an MMA fighter. You would think the guy would have learned after he was accused by the left, the powers that be and Trump hatters who said he was disinformation and a threat to democracy. The same people who make sh#t up about Trump came for him during Covid and tried to destroy him. Who stood up for you Rogan? We did! Conservatives, American first TRUMP supporters! That's who Rogan! Remember that sh#t when they come for your a## again …. because they will! Like Trump, these demons will find another made-up reason to cancel you. BET MY SOUL ON IT!

  5. cant run for president if youre a convicted felon, its a law. no way Trumptard is running again, he may try from jail because hes a nut bag. not happening. all those coup participants are going down.

  6. Joe Rogan is not an idiot. If he had Trump on his show and made him look bad in any way shape or form he would be risking his life from then on because of the cult members. Sane rational thought and perspectives are not a strong point of Trump supporters. January 6 is a prime example of that.

  7. Joe needs to get mr. Trump and Alex Jones on the same podcast. But Joe believes everything the fake news media tells us about Donald, it sad really. Too much weedsmokinh has melted his brain.

  8. I honestly don’t think that Trump performs. I really think this is crazy personality. There’s a lot of crazy weird people in the world, Trump is one of them. That being said, he got the most done as any president this country has ever ever had! Not even to talk about what’s in office now because he’s pointless

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