Will Trumps Upward Polling Trajectory Continue? Analysis


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  1. Here are some Solutions to Government! Legalize Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty!
    01. Reduce the Size of Government by 10% a year for the Next 20 Years
    02. End all of the Warmongering around the world
    03. Cut all Spending by 15% (Real Cuts… NO BS)
    04. Close 990 of the 1000 Foreign Military Bases
    05. End All the "Aid" to Foreign Countries (No Buying off Governments)
    06. Get out of NATO and all Global Political Associations
    07. End all Tariffs and Sanctions
    08. Eliminate the "Tax Code" and Tax everyone and every company at 10% (Amounts above 50k) until the National Debt is Paid in Full then cut the rate to 2% (No Exemptions, No Subsidies, No BS)
    09. The FED shall be Abolished and the USA will go back on the Gold Standard
    10. Set a term limit of 3 terms in the House and 1 term in the Senate; eliminate all of the "Benefits" (It is a Part Time Job)
    11. All Congressmen (State & Federal) shall provide their TAX returns every year on April 15 and shall be published on May 1! To include an itemized list of all current assets with values and all Income with dollar amount and source!
    12. Facial Recognition shall be Illegal, All Spying, Data Collection, and Surveillance of US Citizens shall cease immediately! This shall be incorporated into the Bill of Rights! Any Violation shall be punishable by a Mandatory Minimum of 5 years in prison and 5 million dollar fine (Paid to the Victims).
    13. Eliminate All the "Bonuses" in Government Employment/Service
    14. Sell Amtrak or Close it
    15. The US Post Office shall NOT receive any more Government Funding or Government Rules/Regulations (It shall operate as an Independent Business or Close… the private sector will pick up the slack)
    16. All Federal Laws and Regulations shall be made by Congress (No Government Agency shall make Regulations or Laws… All Votes shall be on the Record!)
    17. The Federal Government shall NOT provide Funds to any State for any Reason except the Stafford Act (the States shall remain sovereign and Independent without Federal Pressure or Funding). The Federal Government Shall NOT Buy the State Blood Suckers to screw the pesky citizens that have had enough freedom. Federal Taxes shall be spent to operate the Federal Government ONLY.
    18. The Freedom of Information Act Statute shall be amended to be Free from all or any charges for FOIA request. No government body or agency may Charge for providing and fulfilling freedom of Information request. Any noncompliance by any government body or agency or person(s) shall be punishable by a Mandatory Minimum of 5 years in prison and 5 million dollar fine.
    19. End the 1033 Program! NO Military Weapons shall be used by the Police or any other government agency!
    20. Title 18 USC 241 Conspiracy Against Rights & 18 USC 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law… Needs to be amended: Punishment shall be a Mandatory Minimum of 5 years in Prison and 5 Million Dollar Fine (Paid to the Victims) including all reasonable attorney fees. Ignorance, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, or mistake of the LAW shall not be an EXCUSE or Defense by any Government, Agency, or representative thereof! This shall apply to all Governments… Federal, State, and Local. No Immunity!

    I am sure there should be more but this should take care of the vast majority of Federal, State, and Local Government Abuses!
    Albert Einstein – “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

  2. I know I'm singing to the choir here but I cannot believe that people consider voting for jomala. What kind of crack are these people smoking? Considering everything that is going on, even if President Trump is re-elected and Republicans become a majority in Congress and we get a Republican replacement for President Trump I give us a 50-50 shot of remaining a United States that we can recognize for the next 25-50 years. If he is not re-elected we have no chance at all. If you're considering having children I would reconsider, better vote red or you will all end up dead.

  3. Trump is also surging with Hispanics. My brother works with mostly Mexicans, and they were very depressed in 2016 when Hillary lost. Now, they're all ardent Trump supporters.

  4. If polls were always blatantly wrong why are we still analyzing them? We can predict.who will win just by comparing their respective rallies. Trump always have mamoth rallies while Biden have midget rallies. Simple.

  5. Believe it or not, I think Trump is gaining points from his catching the China virus. Media blew the whole story way out of proportion (as usual) and they were wrong! Trump was not on his death bed. Trump, with his age and weight, has been FINE! We're seeing firsthand, someone with this disease, and guess what, it's not as bad as they're making it out to be. Open the country and the schools back up!

  6. Thank you for the work you do Styx. It was about the same time in 2016 that my wife and I stumbled onto your channel and I believe you were doing a good honest poll analysts without the fear mongering. We've been fans ever since.

  7. I really believe that if Biden is elected, in our lifetime ( I’m 36 ) we will see the end of America as we know it. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Electoral Collage will all be dismantled.

  8. At what point in the run up to this election do the bookmakers follow the trends with the polls?
    I am happy to hear from you Styxx that Trump is gaining traction…but yet again the Betting Exchange I am following has for the second time since the first debate demolished Trump's odds.
    The gap between Trump and Biden is now almost 40% (Biden 67.11% Trump 28.99%).

  9. I'm not convinced we're seeing actual post-Trump-COVID numbers yet. It seems too soon. I expect at least another 0.5% bump this week.

  10. People who did not vote for President Trump or did not vote last time at all are planning to Vote for Trump this time. A few million bad voters have been taken off the roles in California. Between the two you will see a shift will happen here in California. I think it will go red for Trump. Also as smart as Stixhammer is he is in an ivory tower being in Europe right now. No insult ment but I am on the ground in California, I can see things he can't.

  11. Biden got someone to finally nominate him for a Nobel prize?? after Trump got four,,, I suppose now he is looking for someone to give him some covid.

  12. I predict a lot of moderators yelling at audiences to be quiet while they cheer and applaud for Trump's triumphant return to the debate stage following his recovery from virus ?

  13. I think Trump has a very good chance of winning New Hampshire. It was a close race last election and I used to see a lot of Hillary signs and bumper stickers. The Hillary campaign went door to door. Biden hasn’t done anything to drum up support and his lawn sign and bumper sticker deficit compared with 2016 spells doom.

  14. Folks, if you want President Trump to WIN, you have to GET OUT AND VOTE!
    No mail-in, No absentee votes!
    Get your body to the voting booth and make sure your vote is counted BEFORE you leave.
    Then BURN your mail-in and make sure you video that!

  15. As for 100s of thousands of fraudulent votes being spread out all over the country…it will only take a fraction of those 100's of thousands of fraudulent votes to be directed in the right areas in key battleground states to flip the election.

  16. With a bit of luck, the Democrats will lose. I don't really like Trump but I really don't like the Democrats.