Will Vaccinated Individuals Die in 3 Years?

Will Vaccinated Individuals Die in 3 Years?

The short answer is no. Vaccines will not set us up to die in 3 years. Let’s discuss.

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  1. hi drBeen. my mum was jabbed in 2021 jan . she has had heart issues blood clots and memory issues since. she has been on wolverin for about 5 years as she had a mild stroke years back… so the clotting is scaring me. all her issues are scarying me she was health as before the jab now she is not. and we are 1 and a half years down the line and she had a nose bled last month the clots were the size of oranges !!! she could feel them coming up thru her body til they flowed out onto the take it was horrible. i am so scared my mum is everything to me. now i worry about the long term affects of the jab on her. and every since government doctor are denying the jab has hurt her

  2. Thank you Doc for keeping us informed. For your expertise and your kind way.of letting us know what you have uncovered. I have followed for about a year now and am glad to be able to have your insight. In your debt great thanks.

  3. Gov numbers are out for Canada and UK….. say 94%( uk) and 92%( Canada ) from jan2022 to May 2022 of covid deaths were 3 and 4 times jabbed.?…. so…. not good and the trial for children 4200 plus kids 3000 of them didn't finish to that point and they don't give reason for it and in the end 10 kids 3 protected 7 got covid and they say good….. the whole trial was a farcw

  4. One of my colleague with perfect health had heart attack in august…her third dose of pfizer injection was in january…she has been injured after sport…Doctor Patterson said sport is not indicated with spike protein injuries…from covid or vaccination…
    From Belgium with my level of English sorry…

  5. Looking back now, it seems people are dying much sooner. "Unexplained death" and young people having heart attacks has skyrocketed in my area, likely every area, and the government is still promoting that people inject their children with this crap.

  6. The COVID vaccine is a misnomer… it’s an experimental mRNA gene therapy… your premise for this video is not correct. But if you were talking about the normal type of vaccine… then you’re probably correct.

  7. big pharma i heard was allowed to not disclose their jab research for 75 years, gee i wonder why….and pharma was granted no liability for any harmful effects due to jab by big brother and the definition of vaccine by the cdc was changed from "prevents" to "protects" after jab failed….it's the biggest scam on the amercian people and the world in the name of money

  8. Thank you Dr. Mobeen he mechanism is well explained and I understood the molecular events that can cause autoimmune attacks on body cells, and a shorter timeframe for severe autoimmune response. For the rest it is to be seen if 4+ successive inoculations w spike prot. would not increase risks of autoimmune damage. More is not necessarily better.

  9. Regardless of unknown long term vax problems, recent research has shown that your chances of getting sick due to the vaccines far outnumber getting sick from covid. As with anything else I'll avoid the pharmaceutical poisons and trust my immune system & tried and true natural remedies. I'm 58 and it hasn't failed me yet.

  10. Yes we are sick from the vaccine, some to keep or obain their career, some bc they believed it was the right thing to do. I hope no one else gets vaccinated. But we are going to continue to fight this thing.

  11. i don't understand why this doctor is still calling it a vaccine, when clearly it is nothing of the sort. It is an experimental injection that has been created with highly malicious intentions

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