Will You Starve to Death This Year?

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The economy does not produce energy. It uses energy. It depends on energy. No energy = no economy. It’s a very simple equation really, and one that is easily intuited.

But somehow, we have unserious people making unserious decisions that will have entirely serious consequences and I’d like you to avoid them as much as possible.

Currently, diesel prices in the U.S. and Europe are signaling that serious shortages are now upon the western world. What does this mean?

Well, it simply means that less diesel will be used than before. High prices and actual shortages tend to have that effect. Which products or services will be diminished as a result? That I cannot say. Nobody can because our economy is actually a complex system which means it is inherently unpredictable.

Millions of independent decisions made by producers, consumer and transportation companies will combine into some sort of new behaviors. All we can do is know they are coming and watch them as they emerge.

For example, who could have predicted the sequence of events that caused natural gas to skyrocket in price leading key fertilizer companies all over the world to limit their production, if not shut it down entirely? How was it possible that various governments merely shrugged at this outcome and let it happen without using some of their free-spending habits to shore up this critical, vital component of farm productivity?

It would all be comically bad theater if it weren’t so deadly serious.

This fertilizer shortage – again, expressed as skyrocketing prices because supply, demand and price all balance out – has now translated into critical spring farming applications not being carried out, which in turn will result in massive food shortages and starvation later this year.

How bad will it be? We don’t know yet, but the early estimates place the yield declines at anywhere from 10% (for rice) to as much as 40% for Peru’s output.

To put this in context, note that each year supply and demand are very tightly balanced, and usually match each other with only a very low single-digit percentage variance.

A 10% decline in yields would be devastating. A 40% decline would be apocalyptic. Anything in between and you can pick your own adjective.

Just as bad, and another piece of the puzzle few consider, is that while the weight of the harvest may only be down 10%, the decline in food quality may be as troublesome. Failing to fertilize spring wheat will result in a decline in its protein content leading to a much poorer food stuff.

Add it all up and what do we have? You need to plant a garden. Please. I’ve been saying this for a couple of years now, and I think the fact that global publications are all now mentioning food shortages should be sufficiently motivating to all.

Please. Plant a garden. Even a few planter boxes on a balcony. You can “go in” with someone nearby or join a local Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) group or strike a deal with a local farmer. You won’t regret it.

It’s quite urgent that you do one or several of these things as soon as you can.

In Part II –for members only – I will talk about how the real estate market is poised for the biggest crash of our lifetimes. Far worse than 2008. The central banker’s bubbles are all crashing down and the signs all point to real estate having started its implosion. There are ways for you to protect yourself, but the timing might prove tricky, so we’ll engage the Peak Prosperity hive mind to prospect for the best angles and strategi

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  1. During the two world wars governments encountered residents t grow vegetables. They were called Victory Gardens. Here in New Zealand tow thirds of all produce was grown in this way. It’s shameful that all over the world governments have sold out to the pharmaceutical industry instead of promoting healthy living. The medical profession practices EBM Evidence Based Medicine created by big pharma for profit.

  2. We have planted a garden for the past 6 years but this year we have a 40 foot by 30 foot one. We have bought our canning jar’s and extra lid’s along with a new pressure canner which we plan on using for chicken and beef as well as our vegetables that have been taking up space in our freezer’s.

  3. 'Claus Schwab' trained Jacinda and her support group have closed New Zealand's only oil refinery in the middle of a supply chain plandemic bringing diesel up to $2.50 per liter only 20 cents less than petrol. New Zealand exports raw petroleum products…

  4. 2 Esdras 16:1-78
    "Woe to you, Babylon🗽, and Asia! woe to you, Egypt, and Syria! Gird up yourselves with sackcloth and garments of hair, and bewail your children, and lament; for your destruction is at hand. A sword is sent upon you, and who is he that may turn it back? A fire is sent upon you, and who is he that may quench it?

    Plagues are sent upon you, and who is he that may drive them away?

    May one drive away a hungry lion in the wood? or may one quench the fire in stubble, when it has once begun to burn? May one turn again the arrow that is shot of a strong archer?

    The Lord God sends the plagues, and who shall drive them away?

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    Behold, famine and plague, tribulation and anguish! they are sent as scourges for amendment. But for all these things they shall not turn them from their wickedness, nor be always mindful of the scourges.

    Behold, food shall be so good and cheap upon earth, that they shall think themselves to be in good case, and even then shall evils grow upon earth, sword, famine, and great confusion. For many of them that dwell upon earth shall perish of famine; and the other, that escape the famine, shall the sword destroy.

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  5. Fertilizer is free! Just maintain the fertility that you have, by closing energy cycles i.e producing your own compost from your own waste… But I guess I'm preaching to the choir here. I have noticed that the organic food I purchase has not changed at all in price or availability while the conventional stores are having irregular supply/costs.

  6. This is a spiritual battle over worship. Remember… the fourth commandment KJV. This is headed to a sun day rest by Force of law as the “ solution “ for all the world’s problems. God never changes. God never changed Sabbath to sun day. Constantine did in 321 A.D. after generations of Christian persecution. He was a sun worshipper. All current news events are distractions from our preparing for Jesus’ soon return. If you love Me keep My commandments.

  7. Does anyone know if chris knows about the WEF and klaus schwabb? How could I get a message to him to look into it? He will like klaus schwabb less than he likes Fauci if he looks into his idea's for all us "useless eaters" as he calls us and his plans for depopulation by 2030? He a grandson of a Rothschild? What a shock?

  8. Just leave it toBig Tech and the government, a.k.a. Energy Czars and Oligarchs, you get it, same players, different names. When did the USA ver opt to use the term czars? Obama, commie.

  9. Your presentations are always factual and interesting. Thanks for the good work and practical suggestions like gardening. PS you need Diesel to grow food for the country. Manure as fertilizer and Windmill energy can't make up the difference and you can't 3D Print energy and food. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve release was for Optics and Narrative nothing more…

  10. I have two years worth of dry goods in stock. I have done it on the average of what my family of 5 eat per week, and have slowly built this up over the last 10 months. It was easier than it seemed.

  11. This is why some people call you an "ALARMIST." That's not a bad thing. We need people to ring the alarm sometimes. However, it's important to recognize that the more you succeed the more wrong you become.

  12. The Amish use compose for fertalizer. The main benefit is not the nitrogen but rather the microbes. Commercial fertalizer and microbe production are opposite to each other.

  13. Guys. Wicking beds. Check em out.
    Extraordinarily productive. No dig. Compact. Water efficient. Heat wave proof. We have 12m2 which supplies 75% of our veges for a family of 4.
    Thanks Chris for keeping us ahead of the curve. 👍👍💖

  14. The ruling class does not make mistakes in treating its cattle. It's by design. I've been hearing about incoming food shortages for over 2 years. It's plenty of time to prevent it. They want it to happen.

  15. I am learning to forage what people call weeds for medicine and food. I also started a few years ago preparing for scarce times. I have asparagus, fig tree, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, elderberries, hibiscus, forsythia, raspberries, daylilies, lots of dandelions, chickweed, purple dead nettle, mint, etc…I also have deer which come through our yard.

  16. I believe what Yergin is saying is that the government can clamp down on all "unnecessary" us of oil. No recreational driving or boating. Trips to the grocery store limited to once per week. Covid was a dry run for, "If you use gasoline to drive to the beach, then you are killing my granny."

  17. Do people see it now? If families had their own plot of land and the knowledge to grow food on it, we wouldn't need anywhere near as much fuel for farming. Every family or person would have their own fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat. What they didn't grow, maybe they could get from their neighbors. If some small-holding somewhere was affected by a blight, it wouldn't affect most of the others, so food "security" would be even better. Also, the land would be healthy, ecosystems would come back to life, people would have purpose, species would be saved, and very importantly, the food would once again be natural and healthy.

  18. Can’t this be reversed???? Is there nothing we can do??? Do we just sit here waiting for our lives to be taken from us??? These democrats are letting China become the super power!!! Wake up everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Small space dweller and limited garden space is less abundant but do not forget local collaboration and small urban gardens, patio and window sills. Get to know your neighbors if possible, as we will have similar needs.

  20. You definitely did. We planted for the learning experience. This year our garden is huge. Probably more important is learning how to properly preserve it if you can't eat it all. At least any waste can go to the compost.
    My only complaint is that you stopped on planting a garden rather than telling people to stock up on available food while it was still affordable.

  21. The data is in! The V is a dangerous bioweapon. I always shake my head when I hear people say they are grateful they took it…You were poisoned. So far, you've survived not because of it, but in spite of it. That's a great thing. Congratulations.

  22. Perhaps we shouldn't be inviting in millions of new people at this time? Our systems are collapsing but the people in charge don't care about the citizens. They can't print forever without repercussions.

  23. I was shocked when Samantha powers (obamas un ambassador among other things) said outloud to never let a crisis go to waste. She said that this shortage will make farmers go to more sustainable fertilizers. Yes, I think it is planned.

  24. Wire fencing potato mounds, made with alternating soil and hay layers, in a 2-/12 to 3' wide cylinder of roll fencing, with a few organic potatos per layer is my project for carb calories in my marginal growing region.

  25. University of California Riverside, is working on an edible mRNA VACCINE that will be in lettuce spinach and other edible plants.
    It’s on UCR’s website.

    Or just search “edible vaccine university of riverside” and it will come up.

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