Wind farm in Germany is being dismantled to expand coal mine

Germany is dismantling wind turbines to expand the Garzweiler lignite mine.

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  1. We will just have to ignore the findings of other countries and find out the hard way for ourselves. Just because it didn't work in Germany doesn't mean that it won't work here. It's really quite funny that we followed the rest of the world for the last few years, but now won't listen to Germany about this.

  2. Well done mate. Another great video. Would be nice if you wouldnt lump everyone from Gen Z or people with "coloured hair" People in your audience will fit this decription. Im not one of those looney leftys. You also got to remember that our generation has been indoctrinated more than any other. Its not the fault of the children that we've had our brains manipulated. Living in your own parents house and it being a million times harder to move out than when you were our age, makes it very hard to have a different idealogical point of view, I gained mine from being forced out of my home.

  3. What do trees eat? At how many ppm of CO2 do all the trees die ? How long will life exist on earth with no trees ? As CO2 levels have provably been as high as 7000 ppm ( and life flourished: hint … we are still here ) why are we worried when they are 450 ppm? Are there people and 'scientists ' making money out of this ? How come all al gores predictions are wrong? How come climate alarmist is based on models that can't predict yesterdays weather ?
    See Patrick Moore.

  4. The German people have learned the hard way that the Americans have and are screwing them and that the sanctions hurt them not Russia. The main stream media is in real danger of becoming totally irrelevant, it can't come soon enough for me. Renewables are able to supplement base load power, but they will never replace coal, gas and nuclear base load power production. Finally climate change is being revealed as the scam it has always been. The so called science used to frighten us into doing as we are told, is nothing more than a few people playing with computers and putting guesses and assumptions into it and claiming the output from it is an accurate prediction of what will happen to our planet. Just look at the predictions Al Gore made 20 years ago, none of them have come true! It is all a lie by those who want to reduce the worlds population by about 80% and turn those who survive into their obedient slaves.

  5. They don’t complain because they’re in on it Garry
    Ya gotta look at the psychology of things
    We can’t charge that much for fuel
    You can make as much in a week you did in a year
    Run with us to the finish line or be left behind

  6. In the UK we have many years of coal beneath our feet and our PM has decided to ban fracking where there is a big supply underground which would help in the short term. Our PM is a globalist and not interested in helping the average person on the street.

  7. Looks like BASF (the worlds largest chemical producer) is re-locating to China.
    I think the people that oppose traditional fuels should be able to opt out of using it, but must contribute to the infrastructure.

  8. They are old small turbines. Newer bigger turbines are highly cost effective, levelized studies show this. All ready Germany makes 25% of its electricity by wind. Show us some actual data. You are talking without any industry expertise I bet. What are your credentials to portray a view on this subject?

  9. Germany got rid of most of their coal fired power stations in order to meet their climate targets . It was a lie , all they were doing was buying Nuclear power from France , and Germany agreed it couldn't completely stop using dirty brown coal until about 2050 . Just another example of failed stupidity .

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