Winston Marshall: why I left Mumford and Sons

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The musician Winston Marshall joined Freddie Sayers at an UnHerd Live event.

Are the arts in crisis? This is the question raised by the case of Winston Marshall, a musician recently in the chart-topping band Mumford and Sons. Marshall found himself ‘cancelled’ earlier this year for recommending the book of prominent Right-wing journalist Andy Ngo discussing his dealings with the radical Left militant group, ANTIFA.

In the subsequent months, Marshall found himself subjected to a barrage of ideological attacks against him, his family, his friends and his fellow bandmates. He took the difficult decision to step down from his position in the band in an attempt to stop the outrage, only to find himself in the firing line again from self-styled ‘anti-woke’ commentators.

Listen to his story now, and don’t miss the highlights video from the event!

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00:00 – Winston’s story: leaving the band
04:34 – The apology
07:35 – Free speech and gatekeepers
13:10 – Wokeism

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  1. Thank you for your honest reflection. I agree with you when you say "art or creation is the pursuit of truth" and hope you nothing but the absolute best in your future music endeavors.

  2. this is what the left does. They are EVIL…The sooner we all see that the BETTER. Defund Antifa and Defund the Mainstream media as well as Big Tech. They are all working together.

  3. I’ve been following Mumford and sons for a while now. I know their fan base is not happy about this. They love their “winnie” This dudes so much fun on stage. I live in the states and I don’t understand those cities. I can only imagine what people from across the pond are thinking about this lol. Crazy shit. Hope he comes back

  4. So…the left sucks, basically. The leftist Twitter mob, the leftist gatekeepers, the leftist press, they all suck. That's what I'm getting from this…

  5. So much damm bullshit. Wtf is the problem? He is just awake from religion? God is not real. Your music does not mean a fucking thing. You wrote a bunch of bullshit songs about a God that does not exsist.

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