Wisconsin Voters Sue Over Mail In Ballots, 3350

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  1. This is what needs to happen citizens in WI , PA, GA , AZ and MI need to sue the STATE and Counties for allowing illegal votes to CANCEL their LEGAL VOTE . Also, any STATE using DOMINION SOFTWARE should not CERTIFY any results until forensic computer specialists examine the machines and software . The chief software security engineer for Dominion is a ANTIFA supporter and a TRUMP HATER named Eric Coomer . Look at Gateway Pundits article about him , he was caught by an under cover person who talked with Michelle Malkin !

  2. I appreciate your reports. You get to the point and don't inundate with music we may or may not have time to listen to, and you are always prepared, concise and to the point. I have tried to follow others who after 5 minutes of fiddling with electronic or mechanical issues, play music, and advertise, finally start talking. I have had to stop watching them. Thank you Mr. Still for your reports. Always professional.

  3. Check if your state constitution allowed for mail in ballots.
    The law in Pennsylvania for mail in ballot was passed in 2019 before there was such a thing as corona virus. What was the need?
    Normally use absentee ballot.
    But no verification on age or residency for mail-in ballots; easy for FRAUD.

  4. Whenever I watch a video with YouTube’s little PSA shown below the video saying Joe Biden won and “Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results.” I give them feedback by hitting the three dots next to ‘SHOW ME’ and writing “Please remove your little PSA. People don’t watch this video to see what you think.”

  5. Menominee County is an Indian reservation in NE WI. It has a small population and no town with the county's name.

    Menominie is a city in Dunn County in west central WI.

    Milwaukee County, of course, contains the city of that name, the state's largest. Dane County contains Madison, the state capitol and home of the progressive UW.

  6. Nobody is reporting this. Can you do a report on this Bill. Please. Look up the EO's covering this.
    Checkmate! The full weight of the the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is about to crash down on the election cheaters! We have the servers. The President setup the biggest sting in history to expose them all and bring them to justice. Get ready for another election. Only from now on it will be legit. This is going to destroy the democratic party, the globalist and the deepstate. Get ready!
    PS. Election interference is designated a National Emergency.
    Trump was ready for them. God love our President and I hope he gets re-elected after the new elections.
    It's over for them and you know it. No one can stop what is coming. [NCSWIC] DHS, CIAS.

  7. ANY question of fraud or election intrerference should be investigated by law.  The sanctity the election and the value of each voter needs to be honored.  This is about the Constitutional law and the Right for ALL people to have a fair and just election.  If a pollster should jeopardize an  American Citizen's Right to vote, that is a FELONY. Doesn't matter which party they belong to. That is the law.

  8. Are you kidding me three citizens filing a law suit in Wisconsin? This is going nowhere and the clock is ticking. Unfortunately Biden will be the President as horrific as that sounds and the cheating/fraud that went on will never be fully discovered. God help us all.

  9. Nearly 80 million popular votes for Trump! They threw away ballots for days and he still got 73 million. They had to lie so big Biden supposedly got 10 million more than 2008 obama… NEVER!

  10. If only Trump listened 4 years ago. 2 years of Republican control of Congress. We got attempted Muslim bans, tax breaks for the wealthy and Israel. Congratations. Welcome back to the resistance.

  11. Bill , when are you going to cut to the chase and do the report on what's really about to happen ? The foreign election interference Executive Order, that provides for the US to seize the assets and invoke sanctions on ANYONE and ANYTHING involved in foreign and domestic election fraud ? And ANYONE or any business that involved or aided in election fraud…i.e. ALL the news media for their lies & cover ups and non reporting of Biden & the laptop, same for Fakebook, Twitter, Google, China, Obama, The Clinton's, Comey, Brennan, Bill Gates, ANYONE with ties to China or the CCP. They are ALL going to be BROKE, HOMELESS, street walking bums, for the few minutes before they go to prison. Trump has ABSOLUTELY 100% got them caught dead in the trap. Many countries are going to be subject to this also. CNN, MSNBC, FAKEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE….all will be seized. Everyone with any anti-Trump / CCP ties that used there money and influence to alter this election. And the MAIN ONE, SOROS. All will be seized and imprisoned for treason. The ENTIRE world is getting ready to be turned on it head.

    Get ready folks… arent going to believe what President Donald J Trump just accomplished.

    Literally the ENTIRE swamp and communist takeover RATS have just been taken out.




    This is why President Trump said "Never bet against me". He knows he has them, and its all over but the crying.


  12. The problem with prevailing in this suit like the others is getting through state court systems that have heavily left leaning judicial systems. I want to believe…but in reality I don’t see it happening. There are no consequences in this country for leftist law breakers.