Witch Hunt Deep State Mueller Whines about Roger Stone Being Free


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  1. Sounds like Mueller isn't actually indifferent as an investigator or as the FBI, more so overly personally involved in things. As if he has an obvious agenda instead of a legal prosecution. Whooomp whomp.

  2. If I were a Democrat operative and wanted to get the judge to resign, I could threaten his child like they did to Lt. General Flynn's son.

  3. Entrapment! That means if law enforcement plays the role of a teenage girl and deceives a middle aged man with an invitation of sex, then the middle aged who shows up, but never had sex, has broken the law for rape! Am I understanding that correctly?

    So meanwhile, teenage girls all over the country are spreading their legs with impunity.

  4. Judge Sullivan is a corrupt judge. He was appointed by Obama and gets his orders from Obama. He's stupid enough to believe that Joe Biden will win the election in 2020 and he wants to not give "President Biden" any reason to remove him from his office. What he is doing is typical of the insanity of the entire Democratic Party. They are behaving like rats trapped in a corner. Desperation makes you do insane things.

  5. Why are Robert Mueller and James Comey angry about Stone's commutation by President Trump? There are many reasons, but one of them is that they spent millions of dollars framing him and not one cent of it was justified. Another reason is that they have been caught in unlawful and corrupt persecutions of people who were never guilty. They look like partisan fools in the eyes of the public and their reputations are forever sullied by the hoax they perpetrated on the American people. When you have no ethics or morality influencing what you do then nothing you do is wrong or treasonous. That's why these criminals need to be indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned. We don't want them coming back another day to commit the same crimes over again.

  6. The Flynn judge is appealing to have his case heard again.

    No changes to his argument, he's just basically saying "No fair, you actually read the law and gave me the outcome I didn't want!"

    I hope they disbar his ass.

  7. Mueller should be embarrassed to show his face after the pathetic charade that he dragged out for years. But the political class are utterly shameless.

  8. Roger was convicted of lying to Congress. Let me repeat…lying to Congress. Gee, how many people previously in prominent positions in the government that we know lied to Congress. Can anyone send me information on their prosecutions?

  9. The witness was a friend of Stone’s who said he never felt threatened, so how is that tampering with a witness. The lies were not lies, Stone was just full of bluster saying he had connections to Wikileaks. The whole prosecution was political.

  10. Everyone knows on both sides that no matter what wrongdoing on the part of the deep state and the Democrats is found, no matter what legitimate criminal proceedings are initiated if Biden and the Dems win in November it will all go away and nothing will be done. The media will completely misrepresent it, corporations/big tech will endeavor to memory hole the information records and the academics who are supposed to safeguard history (but for the most part are now Marxist activists) will completely rewrite this period. Think it can't happen? It already has, Joe McCarthy. Everything we supposedly "know" about what happened during that time is actually a lie.

  11. lets see how a illegal immigrant Barry Soetoro barrack hussian ohbama gets out of this one you wonder why he’s still hanging around cause your just to fkn stupid far left demacraps he’s the biggest crook of them all he hates blacks and you worry about djt ! fkn dummies ??