With Russia Probe Declassification Trump Angles for an October Surprise: Analysis

The corporate media will run instant damage control no matter what declass shows, and thus it will have a limited effect:


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  1. Hahaha Here is a word . I wager you that more people hear you through the video THEN you think .lol I do amd I do fall out on some . Crap In fact myself and 7 yr old fall asleep to X22 . LOVE HIS STUFF . BAHAHA

  2. So we are all going to talk about Trump, shillary, The FBI, DOJ etc. How about the evidence that Biden was in in the meetings about what law could possibly be used? and then making the "winning" suggestion. I thought the election was trump Vs Biden, not Trump Vs the deep state, after all most of the normies shrug off the deep state stuff.

  3. Make no mistake, your commentary and analysis are something I really enjoy and lol forward to.
    Your presentations are not boring at all. Keep up the good work.

  4. You will never see it in the news. The fact that you see it here is not enough. POST IT ON FB AND TWITTER….POST IT ON THE NEW YORK TIMES, LOS ANGELES TINES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, WASHIGNTON POST…POST IT EVERYWHERE!

  5. If you think people aren't paying attention, just 'boobs' in the middle of the video so people suddenly snap to attention and have to rewind to see what you were talking about.

  6. Styx doesn't know anything about this story. Documents were already released, showing Hillary and the DNC created the dossier, as a misinformation campaign against Trump. She wanted to take the heat off the email server scandal. The CIA, FBI, Obama, Biden and Democrats knew it was fake. They weaponized it with investigations, to take Trump out as a candidate and out of office. The declassifications, are reported to show, the Obama admin knew it was a sham. I don't think Democratic voters will care, either way.

  7. This year's October Surprise is that there is no October Surprise. There is nothing they could do or say to surprise anyone at this point; the media had burned every last shred of credibility away for ratings. An actual scandal genuinely worse than Watergate would go unnoticed or unbelieved.