Without Free Speech There Is No True Thought

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Written by Jordan B Peterson

Dr. Jordan B Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist. The videos are derived from two sources: 1. His UToronto courses Maps of Meaning (which describes how values, including beliefs about good and evil, regulate emotion and motivation); and Personality & Its Transformations (which describes psychological theories from Eliade, Jung, Freud, Rogers, Gray, Luria, Sokolov, Vinogradova, Panksepp, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Solzhenitsyn as well as psychometric models such as the Big Five). 2. His public lectures on topics of general psychological relevance, including the meaning of music, the significance of hero mythology, and the structure of the world as represented in religion.


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  1. It is time for you to approach everything you do during the day consciously. You should constantly control your thoughts and feelings. Any negative thought in your consciousness must be nipped in the bud. Protect yourself from everything that contributes to the existence of negative thoughts and feelings in your consciousness.

  2. "No true thought " is the ultimate intent by those that benefit from keeping you silent.
    Many thoughts can be readily introduced into the empty space of the manufactured thought void.

    Like preposterous pronouns and pregnant men.

  3. The big winner in this is political Islam, who are on the verge of criminalizing any criticism of Islam. This is a huge step to enable the Islamic Party of Canada to commence.

  4. Re: "people who sharpen their arguments properly and can articulate their position and defend it are always the people who are most successful "… Yeah for us, not the progeny of royalty or a warlord: pure ruthlessness or inherited power structures can supersede all personal attributes of the multitudes.

  5. Stop saying that Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine is a part of Russia under Jewish control. The disunited States of America have a brain tumor and its name is Israël. When You put this term in the equation, you have immediately the solution. Cristal clear!

  6. Jordan is so valuable to all of us and to who we can share his video to as not all of us were lucky enough to attend a university ….but with his lectures and videos we are able to learn from him and im so grateful to have found him

  7. "To be articulate…, there isn't anything more powerful than that".. – yes, if I could have 1 superpower or 1 genie wish, it wouldn't be to be a Superman, or to be a billionaire – it would be to be the most witty person in the world.. you can have just about anyone and anything with that ability.. you can literally conquer the world..

  8. Our planet is tied in with cosmological weather patterns, there is no separation between heaven, and earth but a mass cavity exist because the earth was wasted which was a green plasma accretion disc that warped into our present globular state, any changes in the environment is caused by what we do, and changes in the environment causes natural selection where the planet was once totally green with no dry land or water. We are in an on going development where the accretion disc was formed by a cometary lightbolt which was drawn via capacitance when a charge was built up when the universe was pitch black darkness all being the same medium so we are germinating from a primordial seed!

  9. It is a rather sad and sudden devolution that we in the west no longer understand the very basic concept of free speech or its critical nature to our modern world. I know as an historian that the Enlightenment was not all that long ago in the grand scheme of things, but does that not make this failure of the so-called academics even worse? Is it not a dereliction of duty for the academic to have become the mockery of what they were?

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