Woke Education Is A DISASTER (The World Has Gone Nuts)

Shut up and teach.

The material used in this video falls withing FAIR USE LAW as I am providing critique/criticism and original commentary in my review.

I do NOT condone or support anyone contacting the people shown in this video. This video is purely for entertainment/comedic purposes.

This video is intended for comedic/entertainment purposes and is meant to be a tongue in cheek look at some stories the mainstream media don’t cover.


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  1. They wonder why no one ever believes the "Climate Science."

    Its bc the "Climate Science" has been wrong about their predictions since the late 60's.
    No BS, if you look hard enough you can find practically the same claims they make today, but fro the 60's.

    In the late 90's they told us that New Orleans and a very large chunk of California would be under water by now.

    All the while, they continue to buy Ocean front property like hot cakes.

  2. Public education was a nazi party platform item. You can not support public education without also being a god damned nazi. But the truth is banned in 2022.

  3. You guys didn't know! MLK was and is going to pay for Blacks bills! Car note is going to be paid, Mortgages will be paid, etc

    Just like that Terrorist Obama was going to pay for their bills.

  4. Basic Sex education is public health related. So are Nutrition and health classes. Gender Identity is really not. Kids will pick up that’s it’s a thing. Some may feel it matters to them.

    Entirely different is promoting them to decide as if all else is equal. It’s not.

  5. Evidently this guy isn't a parent or they would know that a child medical wellbeing is the parents #1 responsibility. So now they want babies making medical decisions I guess.

  6. The first black man who ended slavery… ok.. well slavery is rampant and we have more slaves than ever on this planet in 2022. Mostly nations of AFRICA, The Middle East and Asia… As for slavery in the USA, we had a civil war to end slavery and succeeded… for those nations out there… look to the USA and see what you will deal with in the future… people with a slave mentality bent on feeding upon the tit of the nations that they were born in

  7. Disabled person here. Was born with a deformed leg.

    If my mom hadn't listened to sjws of her time when I was born, I would have had an amputation, and would walk without crutches now on two legs, and would have grown up with the amputation and adapted with no problem. As an adult, it isn't that easy, and is arguably worse.

    But now I'm too old, to do that, without having loads of issues. I can never walk without crutches ever again.

    If you don't want Disabled people to have surgeries they need they could make life easier and better on them, then maybe you shouldn't be chopping off your privates and changing yourself either.

    The parents made a choice, that would give their baby quality of life like these sjws choose when they transition.

    If anyone has an issue with that, then they don't actually care about equality. They just want a victim card. Period.

  8. Uhhh ..that "lil yt girl" is wrong. Smh🤦‍♀️. On a separate note, SC I am getting tired of you tube screwing you over. I need my daily fix from SC Reviews and they need to stop w the demonitizing. Love your channel!! Thank you for the laughs and shannigans ❤️

  9. What about parents jabbing their kids with needles for their “health” immediately after being born? Kids don’t and wouldn’t consent To this kind of physical assault, breaking the protective skin barrier. Same with circumcision. And I don’t believe for a minute that God designed boys one way and then expected physically and emotionally traumatizing surgical removal of that functional tissue

  10. Seriously just shows you how ignorant and dumb the young are this girl says mlk was the first black man to end slavery and the crowd doesn't say wtf seriously this girl is low IQ stupid the teachers must be worse

  11. I remember when the climate nuts said we would be in another ice age by now. Here we are now and they're saying we fry to death. Wish they would make up their minds. I need to know whether to pack a parka and snowboard or short and bug spray.

  12. Biden plans on deploying the National Guard to deal with peaceful protesters and truckers.
    Now I kinda want to take a trip to DC with a crate of clown horns, hand em out and we can all peacefully honk at the elites and their gestapo.

  13. Dr. MLK Jr. Was a great man, but the credit for ending slavery goes to President Abraham Lincoln. You know, the tall white guy with the beard and tall hat? First Republican President? Ring any bells?

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