Woke exhaustion. Wokeism is an industry of change that doesn’t really want you to change.

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Wokeism needs to be eradicated. It’s a disease that is consuming too much of our time with little to no benefit.

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Written by Call me Chato


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  1. I literally had a conversation with a DIE consultant who said the mere mention of Jordan Peterson’s name was a legitimate cause for dismissal. Things got heated. Discussion ended soon after.

  2. I'm left-leaning and I find it frustrating how some lefties don't realize what kind of damage their uncompromising virtue signalling does to their cause. They preach tolerance but won't even tolerate an open discussion. They don't want to hear arguments because they don't want to doubt themselves, a lot of this circlejerk has no other purpose than convincing yourself that you are a good person because the alternative would cause discomfort.
    I've literally been called a fascist for slightly criticizing details of how some language gendering is being implemented. The other person got so aggressive I never had the chance to explain that I have very similar views as them, I am just not afraid to question my beliefs (which is the reason I can rationally justify my views).
    Those people once pushed me into the alt-right pipeline and the only reason I got out is I realized people like Ben Shapiro do the exact same daily whining session but in the opposite direction.

  3. How did we get here? We are constantly bowing to 0.01% of the population and a bunch of protesting kids who have never made anything but turds. I'm watching the death of reason. I want all white men to take off the entire month of July. Give the world a break from the patriarchy and see how it wonderful life is without us.

  4. i think part of the problem with talking about the issues with woke culture is that an alternative isnt given. they hear what you say and just respond defensively with insults. i see that almost all of the time with other people who talk about wokeism and its issues. what is the alternative? i think the mantra people should live their lives by is "dont be a dick". just dont be a dick and if most people can follow that, we'll all be better for it.

  5. It's like McCarthyism meets stalinism, meets puritanism, meets the witch hunts/ trials, meets the satanic panic of the 80's and so forth.
    I just want to get to retirement with my pension intact. I'm exhausted.

    Can we all just give each other a break?!? I just want to enjoy a few decent TV shows and media.

  6. As a reasonable person, I can agree with you. The problem is, unreasonable people don't know what reason, or reasoning is. Certainly they don't employ reason, when grifting is far more profitable. Be seein' you.

  7. This was your best video yet, Paul. You’re always insightful and often funny, but this one made me literally laugh out loud. Thanks for everything you do, man. Keep it up 😊 💪🏼

  8. The Establishment tries to appear like it encourages diversity, but it's only diversity of appearance. Diversity of thought is in no way tolerated and is discouraged. Those who think differently are exorcised from the group.
    Hollywood is especially good at this –
    "Ok, do we have our token African-American actor for this film? Good. What about our homosexual one? That's fine, Trans will do. OK, and we need a Pacific Islander or Asian to fill out the roster. You said they're conservative- are they vocal about it? OK, as long as you don't catch them talking politics on set that's fine."

  9. The paradox thing about this whole movement is that if people really just accepted everything, these activists would be the most unhappy people in the world because they would have no purpose and no attention at all.

  10. I am both mildly relieved and fairly disgusted that it isn't just Sac State that is pushing out this bullshit. From the forensic anthropology professor defending gender as a social construct, the obligatory 'why is white man bad' essay I've had to write in every single class, and the spam emails I get from the 'Division of Inclusive Excellence' that cannot be unsubscribed from. In the year and a half that I've been at the college, I've had 1,741 spam emails as of today. About a third of them is about diversity and inclusivity and respecting everyone with a feeling to hurt.

  11. It's funny they call anyone who goes against the woke "right wing." But just as many left wing people hate woke. They're just not vocal about it out of fear of the MOB and of being called "RIGHT WING!" The woke seem to have then by the balls. But, when one's afraid of what people might think of them they're EASY to control.

  12. 4:00 can it get better? No. Why would it. Its already accepted in workplaces, schools, etc. By law, no person can be denied employment nor benefits based on race, gender, or sex. To do more than that is to actually force people to approve of something that they may not, thus infringing upon personal liberties.

  13. "Woke" is Narcissists pretending their Personality Disorder is a movement.

    All the goofy ,deranged and nasty behaviors that Narcissists do is put forward as a virtue.

    ( Just see how"A Narcissist "and "Woke" both fill in the blanks)

    If you see an adult throwing a temper tantrum in public and they are proud of themselves while they are doing it, they are ______

    If someone thinks they have the authority to dictate what other people are allowed to say they are _______

    If someone believes that criticizing them is literally a crime they are ______

    If someone believes they have the right to seize and use your property however they see fit ,they are ________

    Millenials took the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and called it an ideology.

  14. I must admit Paul, your "keeping minorities as pets" bit pulled the first genuine, extended round of laughter from me in what feels like years. Thanks so much for the great video, but most especially thank you for using comedy to say what only the court jester can get away with saying about the king: namely, that he is not wearing any clothes.

  15. What most people do not understand is that, since 1958, we are living under the great tribulation, it will only get worse and worse. But by the end of the decade all hell will break loose. All of this has been prophesied. There is really nothing to do but watch this train wreck in slow motion.

  16. A woke member of my church insisted every church service had to begin with a land acknowledgement. I argued the first words of worship should be directed to God and not a political statement. The only compromise was we have to do the land claim the first Sunday of spring, summer, fall and winter… and it has to be boldly printed on every church document…. geesh.

  17. It's sickening. Thank you for saying this, Chato! As a white, middle-aged, artist/actor with an MFA, I am finding going back to college after 30 years as a working professional, a waste of time and loans. I went back to get my MFA to teach on the university level because I got married in my mid-40s and my wife didn't want me gone on the road 6-10 months of the year and wanted stability. Well, I was the most experienced person in my MFA class, and I am the ONLY one that could not get hired. I have adjuncted some, but after almost 300 applications since 2018, I cannot find a job and will never pay off my loans. I am told it is because I am in the arts and a white male in my 50's. That I will likely never get a position even with my vast experience. So, now I look for jobs that pay nothing, have serious health issues, and I am very fearful of the future.

  18. Unfortunately, preaching to the choir – I think your message will fail to reach the audience who so desperately need it. Oh and a happy coincidence, I was literally thinking of "The Prisoner" before I sat down to my computer and watched your video!

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