Woke “Fanmail” DESTROYED


Sometimes fans send in their thoughts. Thankfully Jordan is able to respond to criticism in a calm and collected fashion.


Written by friendlyjordies


  1. I'm offended she used the term blind spot so often, how ablest of her. I'm offended you didn't call her an ablest friendlyjories.

  2. Fun fact: in The Simpsons ep Homer's Phobia, "fag" was used in the script for most of production until John Waters read over it and was like, yeah maybe don't put that in, it's offensive.
    Side note, I feel like you just shouldn't talk about sexism or racism. Unlike some others, it's clearly a topic you're severely lacking knowledge in. Which is fine, though you should at least acknowledge as much.

  3. thanks for shitting on reddit. i knew there was a reason i fell in love with you. no homo (maybe a little bit, can't ignore that jaw or those eyes).

  4. Some free material. Labors so good they have only managed a single electoral win by majority since 1996. A mistake in 07, we are still paying off. Haha

  5. I don’t know how or why but YouTube recommended you last night. So I clicked……… I have not stopped laughing since. You are absolute GOLD!!!!! Continue my brother! Fantastic ????????????

  6. I mean the sexism is that you’re seemingly only assessing the women’s looks when deciding if she has value.

    But the problem is you didn’t fucking say that. Like, I really wish we would stop reading intention into people’s words. . Just take them for what they are. They want to play games? They’ll win the prize of me taking their words literally. “I’d tap that” literally just means you find the person attractive, sure it’s an ineloquent way to say that, but it’s not sexist… it’s just a fact. Does she seriously think women don’t lust over men in comedy bits? C’mon now

  7. I just have to say Thankyou.
    Watching your response to
    Mrs. Pompous-Windbag's letter was so deeply satisfying, I needed a cigarette at the end… and I don't smoke.

  8. Get fucked……. You are my GOD…… If my job didnt get canned because of liberal policy on covid 19, id give my pay, but now all i got is a dole check, aka newstart…… because get this……. IM A SOLE TRADER…… Get fucked baby boomers, liberal govs, and any cunt that hates this MAN….. i meant GOD!!!!!!

  9. Seeing homophobe capitalise "australian" and not "Indigenous", that's such a blind spot.
    oh, and "blind spot" is ableist.

    Also this video makes me uncomfortable at how annoying i am.

  10. I thought the first few paragraphs of the letter were fine and very considerate but holy shit it just keeps getting worse. "You should change your standup comedy just to appease me and what I think the content of your act should be." Fucking WOW. If they want aboriginal issues to be addressed on stage, they should create an act featuring those issues, and then do it. Don't write a letter trying to convince someone else that they should do it for you.

  11. Lol, Jordies singled me out at a show in Adelaide for looking "too poor" to know where Darling Harbour was.

    He was right, i didn't know where it was, and the husband took me there on our honeymoon so I'd get the joke ?
    A joke is a joke, people need to stop being so serious when it comes to comedy

  12. Mate, this bitch just watched ur vid while menstruating and got personally offended…. then called it sexism because shes a woman and u offended her xD

  13. People do know being a white person isnt a race right? Like theres different white cultures and accents etc. why are “white people” the only ones who get in trouble for doing everything