Woke left’s ‘double standard’ over treatment of seven Manly rugby players: Panahi

When AFLW player and practicing Muslim Haneen Zreika declined to wear a pride guernsey she wasn’t subjected to the “endless mockery” seven Christian Manly Sea Eagles players received, Sky News host Rita Panahi says.

Seven Manly Sea Eagles rugby players sat out of last Thursday night’s clash with the Sydney Roosters over the club’s decision to wear a special inclusive jersey.

The jersey featured a rainbow trim and was worn “to celebrate inclusiveness” during last weekend’s Women in League Round.

The players boycotted the jersey citing religious and cultural reasons.

“It is hard not to see a double standard in the treatment,” Ms Panahi said.

“When it comes to Christians, it’s open season even if the Christians happen to be people of colour.

“The very same folk who characterise any criticism of Adam Goodes or Lydia Thorpe as inherently racist are happy to mock the deeply held religious beliefs of black athletes.”


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  1. Better join the IDGAF ++ community before the rainbow mafia come for YOU .
    Them & their commie climate cult comrades.
    Ahh but it's not that simple though I wish it was .
    All these woke progressives are victims too …the necessary useful idiots that the UN & WEF need to push their " new normal " .
    None of these social justice movements are authentic or grass roots… it's all synthesized & seriously strategic .
    Cultural Marxism again…

  2. If you live in the Pacific Islands and you're born gay, are you still allowed to go to the footy? Do your parents let you eat at the same table? Also, what happens if you live in the pacific and you cut your foot on an oyster shell and it gets infected and the only doctor in the village is gay? Is he allowed to put ointment on your foot? And finally, if you are from the Pacific and you're a NRL footballer and you score a try but it is then disallowed by the bunker, is that because God is pissed at you?

  3. Everything the “woke left” accuse people of that don’t agree with them they become to those people! Mean, hateful and bullies!! So basically what they accuse others of THEY ARE!!!! (Look in the mirror!)

  4. Imagine if your employers started requesting Christian apparel or Muslim hijabs to celebrate their religions. Would it be ok to refuse? The media is the wolf in sheeps clothing here. They can push the agenda but you never see who they are.

  5. If we don’t stand up, then we are laying down and ultimately complicit.

    When we depart from Truth (which is both physical and spiritual), it leads to chaos, confusion, awkwardness, corruption and death (physical, spiritual and/or relational death).

    “What if everyone decided to do it?”

    Would that lead to the death of the human race? If so, this option (whatever it may be) testifies of the spirit behind it.

    Does a decision lead to life or death? What if everyone decided to do it?

    Those are very informative questions that should help us decide where we stand on issues in social debate. It applies to many lifestyles/life choices/nonsense being promoted right now.

    Choose Life. Stand for Absolute Truth over relative truth. It’s our only hope…

    Why don’t we stand for Truth in Love at all costs through authentic relationships and honest discourse no matter who is present?

    Because we are political, diplomatic and cowardly. We can’t bare to risk our personal peace and affluence. Therefore we follow the crowd and perpetuate obvious falsehood. That is actually the opposite of Love in the long run.

    This does not and will not ever keep the peace in the name of progress. This kind of cowardice leads to all manner of instability, deception and decay.

    Then we gift that to our children.

    What we do and what we stand for/against is WHO WE ARE.

  6. When I see the "rainbow flag" I remember the story of Noah and the ark. God promised never to destroy the world by water again and gave the rainbow as a covenant sign. I see the gay flag and think to myself that they don't need life preservers they need fire extinguishers.

  7. Typical Christians using their religion to justify bigotry. I am a gay man, but don't understand why they even put the rainbow colors on their jerseys. All these politics around sports is nonsense. That includes the left and the right. They all should wear their normal jerseys. Leave the politics outside the sports arena. They are ball players, not politicians. Just stop already!

  8. This shit wasn't nipped in the bud when it first raised its ugly head so in all reality this is where we are now
    And they have got what they deserve!
    Perhaps the other players should have all stood down in support of the few who chose to honour their own beliefs!… That would have cancelled the game completely but that didn't happen because of selfish greed for the millions of $$$$
    On offer for the top teams!…. This isn't about community it is about greed simple and like I said… Got what they deserve!

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