Woke NBA Idiots Boycott… Themselves

****In the heat of my rant, I mistakenly said Jacob Blake was killed. He’s not dead, but paralyzed from the waist down, allegedly.

I discuss the latest emotionally charged movements of NBA players.

On a lighter note, I look like shit in this video, apologies.

Written by BASED Logic


  1. They showed their true colors. None of these people actually care about promoting actual change they’d rather post something on twitter or something on the court that makes them seem defiant. News Flash!! None of these so called woke athletes will ever be on Muhammad Ali’s level! May not have agreed with everything he stood for but I can respect he was actually willing to go to prison for his beliefs. Lebron and the rest of the league is going to be begging us to come back and watch, they are already down 40% in playoff ratings it’s a joke just like the NBA.

  2. I absolutely agree with everything you said in this video. I will further say that these players who talk about these issues are by in large trying to exploit the situation for name recognition. I stopped watching sports a long time ago. Sports used to be about sports but now it's more political than sports. It's like Cardi B interviewing Biden. It makes no sense.

  3. The "bad cop" problem has nothing to do with racism. 1-2% of the population are psychopaths. 3-5% are Sociopaths. Combined, they make up 5-6% of the total population. One of the top 10 jobs for both of those psych profiles is policeman/woman. The absolute worst thing you can do to either of those psych profiles is challenge their authority. Until we get the technology to be able to do brain scans that would identify those two profiles, we will always be at the mercy of them to not do something crazy when challenged.
    Edit: There are roughly 35,000 psychopaths and sociopaths as police officers today.