WOKE RACISM: NYC Plans To DENY COVID Care Based On Race | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the latest figures on the Omicron covid variant and how states have responded including a New York healthcare policy that discriminates based on race

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  1. Agreed 1000% though slight correction Krystal about rapid test availability: Not unique to America. I live in Quebec in Canada, and the exact same thing is happening. I’ve tried multiple times to get rapid test kits from pharmacies and there has been such a shortage I legit had to go spend 86$ to get a rapid test at a drive thru testing centre that is supposed to be for air travellers. It is TOTALLY disgraceful.

  2. My kids, 4 and 1, and I caught Omicron from pre-k a couple of days before winter break. My baby had a couple of fevers the first 2 nights and then normal cold symptoms and night sweats. My 4 yr old had cold symptoms and fatigue and I had severe headaches, night sweats, fatigue and cold symptoms and I'm the one who's vaccinated.
    Other than hubby having to search the entire city for 2 at home test kits and having to quarantine through the break we were mostly fine.

  3. I'm fully convinced half this country just thinks they live in a movie, and as long as they follow the plot, they'll be fine. They just don't know how the story ends, since they just blindly follow the author.

  4. Krystal and Saagar are not being entirely correct here. There are plenty of studies showing a higher mortality rate among minorities, regardless of socioeconomic factors. A lot of speculation seems to go back to Vitamin D deficiency being more prominent in people with more melanin. So what they're saying isn't entirely correct. I'm not suggesting we distribute care based on race, just pointing out the flaws in their arguments

  5. Schools closures and especially universities for me and some of my friends made us question if college was the right path for us, I go to a state university so it's not that expensive and the first semester we went into remote learning I struggled so hard I was not learning I was frustrated and i entered into a long depression that made me doubt my own abilities, the second semester online I decided to take a semester break and i went to work I made some money and i paid for this past fall semester with my own cash and the struggles continued, now going into spring I'm considering dropping out of college completely and go to a trade school and learn something useful.

  6. I will state that I am against woke politics and believe alot of this thinking is wrong but there is more evidence coming out about the correlation of vitamin d deficiency and bad outcomes of covid. Darker skin people don’t convert sunlight to vitamin d as well as light skinned people. Plenty of studies on that and there will be more to come, I’m sure.

  7. Let me help you. Further than socioeconomic status Vitamin D levels are one of the most important factors in COVID severity…. Melanated people get SIGNIFICANTLY LESS VITAMIN D FROM THE SUN, therefore black people in general will be more susceptible. On the other hand monoclonals don't work on omicron and NY SHOULD KNOW THAT. .. SO THEY ARENT DOING ANY FAVORS.

  8. You all are so full of it to claim that it’s only mild because of vaccination. You all are so close to realizing the truth but then that pesky corporate propaganda keeps popping up in your statements. Keep propping up vaccinations as the solution and it’s gonna get worse. Kids aren’t being hospitalized more for covid. Even Fauci admits the over reporting of this. It’s just not true. You all need to get over that hurdle of pharma propaganda.

  9. One thing that was not mentioned is that darker skined people will more than likely have low levels of vitamin D and low vitamin D is correlated with bad outcomes if you get covid 19.

  10. Even your example of sickle cell anemia is racist, and shows how people even trying to be truthful and kind make a mess when they presume any use of force against person who isn't clearly suspected of harming another by use of force/fraud. ANY race can get sickle cell anemia. And being "black" doesn't mean you have sickle cell anemia. You guys try, but as long as you fall for the use of government force or labels that reject liberty and equal protection, you will be part of the problem.

  11. Well let's just get ppl treatment and options. Apparently in Italy they found the single best treatment when there were no therapeutics was to turn ppl on their stomach for less pressure on the lungs

  12. Krystal, it is a good thing to cheer for. Heard immunity was the only way out of this. Even if you take into account that the vaccine works, logically, we know that not everyone was going to take it. Predominantly black people because of the distrust based on pervious medical malpractice. I sincerely hope literally everyone gets omicron

  13. the SINGLE cause for inflation is the expansion of the money supply by the federal reserve. you are perpetuating the tired tale about greedy business people and are deflecting criticism from the government onto business people.

  14. Don’t forget that Vitamin D levels have a strong correlation with how COVID hits you. This is a problem for some because as you go further north vitamin D deficiency is more likely, especially if you have darker skin. That still doesn’t justify race based healthcare.

  15. This is gross. Watching the left embrace discrimination in real time is a terrifying development. I'm afro-latina before the "saviors" jump in to defend their discrimination.

  16. That you'll submit to government force for your "good" reasons of health risk factors is absurd, too. You basically say that a young person who is vulnerable to should be de-prioritized over an old person who may be healthy enough. Your use of intersectionality for "good" is why all central planning fails, because you reject equal protection under the law for picking and choosing winners by government force.

    If you are young and have a heart attack, should be you prioritized lower than an old person who is having a heart attack because the older person is more likely to die? The young person would have more years to live. But a fetus would have even more years to live, but heart surgery might cost 10x that for others. Perhaps you can never find a moral reason to impose force to pick winners and losers based on your limited understanding of individual circumstances, because we are all individuals, not just members of some intersectional victim class you imagine.

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