Woke SJW CRINGE Compilation | Virtue Signaling Gone Hilariously Wrong PART 17

Virtue signaling gone hilariously wrong during today’s outrage. #SJW #CRINGE #SocialJusticeWarrior

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Written by Zeducation


  1. How did these people come to believe that being called a -insertblank-phobic was a weapon that I never want to be called? Please by all means make up whatever word you wish to insult me and hurl away.

  2. 2:30 that was literally the most idiot thing I have heard. As if she would be better off in the Philipines. The only difference would be that now old philipine men would be asking if she is married and then offer a pig and 2 chickens to her family to marry her. And she would be even poorer.

  3. It’s really easy to identify racists and racism. The first person to bring up race is racist. Without fail. Pay attention, once you realize this it becomes glaringly obvious. I identify as American and encourage every American to do the same! ✌???

  4. They hate the 4th of July but they sure love taken advantage of all the freedoms that come with it They hate the flag but again they take advantage of the freedoms of its meaning So I don’t get it

  5. "neopronouns" are basically just names that you use in place of a pronoun, half tempted to just start addressing anyone with dyed hair by their name and nothing else

  6. One shakes one's head in disbelief. I can't make up my mind whether this is really mentally illness or just plain stupidity. Either way it is depressing, I think I need to lie down.

  7. Pronown's: baby talk. It talk's like a baby, it cry's like a baby, it must be a…… Everything is racist, I think we have less than 2 years left.

  8. Look for a common denominator and you find the common denominator for nearly everything racist is far left liberals. Make sense? Also, Zey and zem sounds like a stereotypical nazi saying “they” and “them”, coincidence?

  9. If I have a kidney removed, I am still a male. If I remove and arm and replace it with a leg I am still a male. I don't want to sleep with another male regardless if they have 1 leg or 3. This makes me heterosexual not a bigot.

  10. I just came back from my 30 year reunion of my first unit in the Marine Corps. When we were on active duty there were weight and appearance standards we had to conform to. There were also grooming standards that had to be met. Everyone there including myself had long hair, beards, were overweight, and generally not USMC material anymore. It’s a good thing we aren’t on active duty anymore.

    That being said, no one… not a single person said a damn thing about weight or grooming to anyone. That’s because we know that we don’t have to enforce those standards anymore.

    People that “fat shame” are insecure about something else in their life.

  11. You know what is racist? The United Negro College Fund, The NAACP, Black College Reunion, Black History Month, Black Entertainment Network, Black Lives Matter, National Black Chamber of Commerce, National Association of African-American in Human Resources, National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.National Association of Black JournalistsNational Black Justice CommissionNational Black MBA AssociationNational Black Nurses Association (NBNA)National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW)National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW)National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)National Urban LeagueOrganization of Black Designers and others. Replace the words black or negro with white and watch the fireworks. Total load of crap.