Woke Teacher BUSTED On Tape Wanting A Hit List On Conservative Parents!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. With the world wide web at our finger tips…we don't need schools anymore. Or at least public schools. Any parent can teach their kid on the computer. They can also monitor their kid's work on the computer. All public schools are nowadays are just indoctrination daycares.

  2. "let me guess the colour of their skin" meaning white people.
    No Jeremy.
    If you're going to do that, either don't mention it at all (because YouTube will ban you), or be honest – they're not white are they?!
    This group are certainly not white when you ask them if thayrw either white or a menwbe of that group.
    Stop pretending they're white. They're only white when they're criticising white people. When white people point this out, they say "I'm not white, I'm a member of this group! And we're so oppressed by whites!"

  3. I dont know man, a catholic vs a leftist lunatic is the same as choosing between a lion vs tiger. How many times has conservative catholics been caught alterboying kids.

  4. I hope those type of teachers and faculty members are fired. That principal is bigoted by religion and that teacher is straight up racist and man hater.

  5. When i was little we had teachers like that. I talk about the 80s and 90s when it was not a problem for teachers to try move children minds to their agenda.
    We hate them.

    Nothing is okay with corrective racism. No one will tell me its okay

  6. When I was in elementary school one of my female teacher told me I was possessed by the devil after being spotted talking with one of my female classmate…I told everything to my parents and she got fired. I expect the same treatment for all those teachers who discriminate boys today

  7. Things teachers should teach: The curriculum as laid out and inline with local, State and Federal Laws.
    Other things teachers should teach: NOTHING.

    Teachers, nationally, hell in most Western Nations, need to be taught, instructed, ordered even that they are there to teach the curriculum as set out and nothing more. They should be investigated by INDEPENDENT bodies if there are grounds to believe they are doing otherwise. They should be fired and barred from teaching nationally if they are found to be indoctrinating children to ANY political or social ideology. Heads/ Administrators of schools and teachers should be prosecuted if found to be breaking the law in regards to hiring & firing or acting in a manor that exposes students to any risk of harm be that physically or mentally or if they are presenting information in a biased manner designed to influence or program students into a certain belief or political leaning.

  8. The “conservative” side does nothing because they are set in their beliefs and is mostly content. The “liberal” side is discontent with how things are and always attempt to make changes from all angles, chip away on the system and beat it down until it molds into a shape they’re happy with. Basically it’s been a one-sided attack over many years… it’s no surprise the society has turned liberal. They believe and act as if they are above the laws. Perhaps the best way to combat such changes is to stoop down to their levels and start attacking them back, put pressure on companies, administrations, politicians, and garner more public attention from protesting, which points out all the issues with moralities and conflicting logic their arguments have. What use is it to be righteous and sensible, when the other side condones none of that? Bring the fight to our playing field, and don’t get dragged around by the other’s pace of things.

  9. im a white man who like any other hard worker busts his ass every day to,pay bills but just cause im white im a evil bad person right i swear if u think at all like these wakos you have no right to teach kids of any age just shamefull

  10. In France they have the separation of state (politics), church and education. Religion or politics are not ALLOWED to be taught in school. Religious buildings are only allowed to instruct in their respective Religion ( there are no church sponsored schools)

  11. i hate how these lefties think being “open minded” means agreeing with left wing thought. being open minded is about listening to those you don’t immediately agree with, it’s about trying things you wouldn’t normally try, etc. it doesn’t mean “i’m a PrOgReSsIvE”

  12. While it's easy to say "I don't believe in pushing conservative ideology in schools either", what happens when the notion of teaching reading, writing and arithmetic becomes "conservative"?

    Just sayin'.

  13. Imagine robbing a child of the potential to think for themselves and actually believe you're the hero. These buffoons need to be sued into hell for this and permanently banned from any activity involving children.

  14. God forbid a kid questions this woman's absolutely batshit insane rhetoric! We certainly can't have children thinking for themselves because that type of thing is "dangerous" and leads to "white supremacy".
    But the media says this isn't happening, so I guess we're all just mass hallucinating.

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