WOKE Utopia

Cancel culture comes full circle as an MP is fired for posting an article from The Independent.


Written by Jonathan Pie

UK News reporter Jonathan Pie brutally honest views on the world of politics.


  1. There is no such thing as the Neo-Liberal Left? It's the RW Neo-Liberal squatters in the LW Democratic Socialist Party who are killing free speech, with their nonsensical, anti-Semitism smears.

  2. This video should be mandatory school curriculum. Tom gets Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thought more down than many activists and 'philosophers' on this subject. I originally thought his missed the part where the ridiculously narrow approved line or channel of thinking/speaking was also subject to arbitrary relocation, but he essentially covered it with the continual reduction to more and more segregated groups, from which that can be assumed, even if not stated.

  3. Absolutely brilliant – the speech itself and the assertiveness invested in it. I'm Portuguese, and Portuguese society is still a million light years away from the dystopian excesses you see in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia… but this state of affairs is scary to me anyway. Definitely there's a reality out there that seems fresh out of "1984" or "Brave New World".

  4. Wokeness does what political correctness tried to do, only 100 times worse. The situation we are in now is exactly the same scenario that got the Nazi party into power. It's actually text book. I'm a centrist in terms of politics but I am genuinely worried about our future as it's speeding toward far right populism. It never worked with political correctness because it's cause made sense to ordinary voteres. Woke however, is a direct attack and all humans respond to direct attacks with fear and irrationality. You know the storm is brewing when neither the BBC or the Daily Mail have any grasp whatsoever on the social complexities of generation Z. This is a total shit storm completely overshadowed by the coronavirus, the only people that seem to be getting their ducks in a row are the far right.

  5. Thank the seven gods for people with 'normal' every day common sense who can view things from various perspectives in a measured, reasonable and calm way. Please, can we have more of you.

  6. "Surely, this is what you've been striving for- a culture that entirely rejects the notion of nuanced debate and giving the benefit of the doubt in favour of an assumption of bigotry at every available opportunity."

    60 seconds later…

    "We willingly handed over the principles of free speech and expression to right-wing bigots a long time ago!"

  7. Woke people are actually more centrist, neo liberals, while actually left wing principles reject identity politics in favour of fighting economic inequality. Identity politics is a smoke screen, and the left bought it!