Wokeness Has Poisoned Netflix

Netflix must choose between wokeness or survival.

Written by Despot of Antrim


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  1. I agree about the hazing, it's a necessary type of trauma bonding, same is used in the military. A pain and reward system to ensure you meet the needs of the institution once you're chemically programmed. That's why these places end up hiding shady shit. Trauma makes you strong the day you realise that you're another brick in the wall.

  2. Always appreciate someone else who despises the this vapid, soulless, happiness sucking trash, that put out this actual racist garbage. Good video.
    You sound like a sociologist who's studied the the nastious feministous in its odorous, native environment – you have quite the mastery of their ear-piercing screech patterns.

  3. Individuals like HIM, is looking for a reason to justify his existence.
    The corral reef is usually destroyed by sea urchins that eat away at it.
    So yeah I want to know if that particular water is so acidic why is the rest of the ocean just fine? Why isn't our oceans just as Dead as that coral reef?

    It lives & dies in a continuous cycles

  4. Great video! Thank you for this. Isn't Rotten tomatoes is like Wikipedia now, where they falsify ratings and make it impossible for the you and I to leave a rating?

  5. So I'm not the only one who noticed something…odd…about Bridgerton. I'm black, I tuned in and thought, "WTF?!" I wanted an authentic show about 18th or 19th century England and what I saw completely took me out of the time period.

  6. Next month I will no longer be subscribed to Netflix, for days now, I try to watch something on my tv and get booted back to my homescreen completely out of the app, so I am being robbed of proper service.

  7. Also Netflix over race swap white characters in their adapted series from comics and video games. Plenty of blacks who are loyal to the comics and games have had issues with that, because it's really insulting, because it's not an actual black roll. why should they cheer on a black person for getting a tokenized roll? Why doesn't Netflix just adapt an actual black character from the comics rather than just skip over and blackwash a white character that was already envisioned to be what the creator wanted them to be then claim to put in representation so these people can see a reflection of themselves in these adaptations? Another thing they can do is come up with a new character of color, but don't make them about woke political nonsense.

  8. Bro you need to smoke some weed and chill the fuck out.

    Netflix had tons of bangers
    Your just to up your own ass you sit down and watch something good.

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