Wokeness is our New Civic Religion

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  1. If systemic racism were a real thing there would be a million pro-bono lawyers lining up to grab all the free money cases. Institutionalized racism of any kind is a clear violation of the law, would be easy to prove and therefor nothing but easy court victories.

  2. "woke" = hypnotized………hypnotized = programmed…….programmed = controlled……controlled does not = awake
    Everything gets inverted in the land of dystopia……freedom = slavery etc
    All you have to do to 'get with the program' is watch your telly….yay….tubby custard for everyone, and now everybody sick cos the world is upside down….eeeugh tubby custard everywhere

  3. human rights are pretty vague. some things like broad-band or hospitals being a human right don't make sense because they are not intrinsic people and started relatively recently.
    but then there is freedom which has to be a human right, but years ago and even to day in some places, people have slaves and believed that is ok and that having slaves was their right
    people seeing slavery as wrong is also kinda recent (relatively) so is freedom not a human right?
    sorry, i'm rambling

  4. You know what's so bizarre? There are people who think that if you break your leg, you have a right to get free morphine from the EMTs that come to take you to the hospital but you don't have a right to grow some poppies and make opium from them to use at your discretion. You have a right to get free medical goods and services that are payed for by the tax payer to fix your body but you don't have the right to chose to put drugs that you yourself payed for into your body.

  5. You have the right to free housing but you don't have the right to build a house, using your own materials and labor, on your own property, if it isn't to code.

  6. To be fair, the UK is a pretty racist nation. They're so racist they pathologise their native population while importing millions of foreigners to share in their wealth…

  7. Yes.
    Systemic racism, sins of the great grandfather = the new original sin
    Cancellation = the new excommunication
    Twitter mob shaming = the scarlet letter
    Woke dog-shite = the new dogma.
    It is interesting to note that I can not think of one single thing the woke have created: not one: nothing. Even in Hollywood, woke only ride parasitically on the back of existing franchises until the host body is inevitably destroyed.
    Woke is a cancer.

  8. Human rights are a nice concept but they just don't make sense. Even Carl's more reasonable concept of human rights as being something that is innately within yourself doesn't quite add up. For example, masturbation would therefor be a human right. It is absolutely within myself to jerk off. But I can't stand on my lawn, my own property, and strip naked and get funky with myself in full view of everyone. That's indecent exposure. So what gives? What's the actual definition of right?

    The only thing that fits, as far as I can see, is it's just something that people think everyone should have because they want it and feel that it's simple enough to do. This is why people feel that certain things become a human right once the technology needed for it becomes simple and common place enough. Safe running water is now a human right because it's so common place. The internet has become so wide place that now people think it's a human right. And yet things like saying whatever you want, writing whatever you want, putting whatever substances you want into your own body, are all in contention.

    Human rights are simply a political tool used to make an appeal. If a political group wants something, they claim it is a human right as an argument. If they want to ban something, you say it's not a human right as an argument.

  9. Wokeness will fail dismally when practically implemented in any narrative, it will eat itself… it's just a mater of how much damage it does to the rest of us before it's finished.

  10. Wokeness made me proud to be culturally christian. I'm still an atheist, but I side with my christian brothers and sisters – especially against the filthy degenerates and their abusive authoritarian nonsense.

  11. Wokeness is a communist religion…
    Over 100 million dead and counting tells us how this works…
    It preaches that theft by the State is a moral good, prejudging everyone only by their skin color isn't racism (even though it is), and slavery of everyone to the State is ethical… At the barrel of the government's gun… Conform! Or Else!
    It was the same religion the fascists and communists worshipped.
    "Everything within the State, Nothing without the State" fascist creator Benito Musolini.

  12. The funny thing about the woke city is its named after an ancient Greek concept. Surely thats just further reinforcing the Judeo-Classical hegemony? Please instead choose a word from a civilisation of color!

  13. Don't worry, folks. Wokeness has all been a giant scheme designed to identify the useful idiots living among us. And it is working stunningly well. Twitter is literally overrun with those screaming their admission from the rooftops.

    Operation 'Sheep Dog' has been a rousing success and now there is no having to wonder who these people are any longer. We know.

  14. All these articles. They are all written the same as the crap I read in university newspapers….25 years ago. It never changes. It's all nonsense and it never changes.

  15. Imagine broadband being a human right, while the ability to defend yourself and the things you own with a weapon, a gun, ISN'T, in most of the world.
    Even though defending yourself is BASIC. Intrinsic. If you are naked in the forest it's a right you have, like speach, opinion, etc.

  16. These people don't exist in the physical world. That's why the belive in no borders and housing for all. Why literal parental genetics just doesn't exist. Medical time and supplies are infinite(probably because they don't acknowledge physical health, but mental)
    Just my two cents, atleast

  17. You will cooperate with the state for the good of the state and your own survival. You will confess to the crimes of which you have been accused. You will be released and returned to society a productive citizen if you cooperate. Resistance will be punished, cooperation will be rewarded.

  18. Wait…….. if race is not about biology but purely a social construct then…… why am I not black based on my lived experience? Doesn't that line of logic bollocks their entire argument?