Wolf of Wall Street: “You Need To Know THIS About Cryptocurrency”

If ordinary people want to take back power from corporate companies, cryptocurrency could be the answer! Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, warns how big companies are lying to us and trying to separate us from our money!

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I haven’t seen this whole interview, so this might be premature, but Belfort must not know exactly what Bitcoin is. The beauty of BTC is that it is above that influencer/social non-fundamentals-fundamentals …the genesis block is truth, the longevity speaks for itself and it is the game changer. BTC will GO DOWN this year, maybe even into the 20K area, but watch out folks, cuz its going to keep goin up up up… its the LONG GAME. Kill the central banks KILL THE CENTRAL BANKS. Buy and HODL (trade a little if you want) BUT HOLD YOUR KEYS, TAKE MOST IF NOT ALL YOUR BTC OFF-LINE ✌️

  2. He’s wrong in a way… you want to invest in the girl who has the most potential long term. Profit offf the hot girls then put that $ into the high quality girl.

    Also, the BTC chart is manipulated by whales. So don’t buy into the hype (buy the fear sell the greed)

  3. Feeling like a feather on a eagles back? Then leave! They can’t fly with out the feathers! The journey seems dangerous, but feathers are incredibly durable! You will float safely away unnoticed🤔 after a time mass feather loss 😬

  4. The best time to get into shiba inu was before the major platforms were offering it. Before the average person had access to it. Manipulated in my opinion. But, mainly the insiders get the big profits.

  5. The commercial banks own the stock market. The level of malfeasance is completely not understood by the average bloke… could be larger amount skimmed off the market than the total GDP of America.
    People in the know do not make decisions based on “70 years of fundamental knowledge”. The fed has a trading desk, and so does the federal government, both entities can use their dollar holdings to manipulate price…..the feds have had laws passed in 1934 that allows them to literally manipulate the price.
    JP just paid another 50 million in their rigging of metals. That was not too far after their fine of 920 million. In those findings, JP admitted to manipulations in the 10’s of thousands over the course of 4 years.
    How much fundamental analysis would it take to come up with oil going to -35 per barrel? Ya…..they pay me 35$ for me taking a barrel of their oil……lol.
    Cryptos until just recently could not be manipulated, because there was no ETF,or futures contracts….that has changed.
    Their system depends on people being able to conjure shares that don’t exist, by borrowing those shares from the future(into infinity really). They use those shares to game price.
    So scarcity can’t be seen, when the underlying commodity, be it shares, or real stuff, has paper equivalents floating in the system.
    This whole system is set up for those who have the most “dollar units” will win. Time has shown this is indeed the case.

  6. No Risk, No interest ( incentives )
    No Reason.
    Gives total ( Godlike status ) to the flavor of the day.
    Our digital Overseers.. uummm..uummmm.. yeah sure- uummm.
    pretty shallow and sad.
    Just the fact it's an issue.
    Concerning !?

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