Woman Arrested In Uk Outrages Internet

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. Sooooo is there really any wonder at all how totalitarian regimes are allowed to come into power?
    Rly? The leftoids who love to cry fascist all day and night have nothing to say about this? No, in fact the lefties are making excuses for it.

  2. Literally thought crime. Being arrested and imprisoned for praying inside your head. That's practically a farcical parody of authoritarianism, that'd be ridiculous and out there even for communist China. Not enough for them to not do it, but still…

  3. And people wonder why everytime stuff like this happen, people elevate a reactionary leader that causes mass chaos in the next decades, it's going to happen again if they keep pulling these stunts. The Anglo's are repeating Weimar mistakes, promote degeneracy and destroy the national foundations, find out what happens next. Any student of history knows.

  4. When a temporary protective order has birthdays, it isn't temporary. It's a way to ban people from peacefully protesting with the thin veneer of "it's for a short time, no worries, you'll be back before you know it", only it never goes away. I bet she will be done with probation and old enough to collect a pension before the temporary order is lifted.

  5. "Will you come to the police station to talk?"
    What a bullshit question. Say what you fscking mean.

    "We are taking you to the station. Will you come willingly, or do we have to arrest you?"

    The way they ask is INTENDED to make YOU seem like the unreasonable one in the situatuon.
    It is duplicitous, and utterly unneeded. They aren't fooling anyone.

    The mentally twisted and sick are in charge, and this is the society we will endure from it.

  6. I am a supporter of policemen in general as they are just average people doing their job, but british police are pure scum. Disgusting oppressors of defenseless people. I am glad though, that following orders are not a valid excuse, and they will eventually have to answer for this. 🔥🪵👮‍♀️

  7. Yeah this does happen in eastern europe. Early last year I got a $100 fine for just standing there on a sidewalk, because one block over there was an anti-lockdown protest and protesting was banned. I wasn't at the protest but me standing on a sidewalk instead of walking was interpreted as participating in the protest.

  8. I just want to remind people that many islamists were protesting (with promises of terror if they didn't get what they want) against a movie and nothing was done.
    Yet a single person praying in their mind over murdered children is somehow deserve full patrol arrest.

  9. The real question is why are those Scum still allowed to co-exist with everyone? Don't those Cops have neighbors? They have to go home at some point. Why does anyone associate, help, talk to, or give them the time of day? SHUN the Scum that enforce authoritarian garbage. They want to enforce Communism well show them what it's like to "disappear in the night".

  10. Praying against abortion = calling for God to act against it and that guy had been documented to be violent.
    She's inciting violence. They're scared of the wrath of God.

    (This is a joke)

  11. the problem with the UK's laws is that there is far too much room for "interpretation" using subjective weasel words and phrases such as "reasonable person". The reason she could be arrested for a "public order offense" is because loitering outside of a place in the wrong way (like glaring through a window) can be interpreted by a "reasonable person" as "menacing behaviour" which falls under harassment.

  12. Dude this is cartoonishly evil. The cop might as well pull his mask off and be a red devil with horns underneath. I'm an atheist but shit like that put me in doubts. It's like we live in a fantasy land. What's next, the earth will open and demons will start pouring out?

  13. I am an atheist, but still that makes no sense. Why anyone will arrest people for praying. I don't believe that prayer does anything, so why would I stop people doing it if it does nothing? But if you believe that praying is efficient and God will take side, why you want to be against God? This is really very strange.

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