Woman Sues GEICO for Getting STD in Car, Awarded $5.2 Million (LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS)

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  1. How could she prove the microbial transmission occurred in the car? Were there witnesses? And since when is an STD worth $5million? Is this more Putin inflation?

  2. This really is crazy news. She made the choice to have a relationship with a promiscuous man so I am not sure why this is the insurance company’s fault. I wonder how they were able to prove she contracted the disease in the vehicle? I guess she will be set for life to treat her STD. I wonder if this couple is still together? Thank you Holly!

  3. How about suing hospitals for killing their patients with ventilators and Remdesivir? And what about the patients they murdered with insanely overdosed hydroxychloroquin?
    No responsibility there? What about the orphans that Anthony Fauci tortured to death by the hundreds with his completely useless AIDS medication experiments? Or the tens of thousands of Native American women, that were sterilized in gross violation of US laws during the 1970's and 80's?
    I could go on and on and on…

  4. This was really weird news; but, it's also interesting. GEICO needs to keep appealing. This woman needs to take personal responsibility for her actions. If she wanted to sue anybody it should have been her boyfriend. But, if she knew he had an STD, then it's all on her.

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