Woman Who Drew Gun On Family SPEAKS OUT, New Police Footage PROVES BLM Protesters Were WRONG

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  1. Let me translate this for all you good conservatives out there: STUDY THE STATE LAW ABOUT SELF DEFENSE… make sure when you get into it with a liberal you sucker them into being into the wrong no matter what level they want to take it to. If you are near your home use that to your advantage, learn what they have to do to legitimize using deadly force and learn how you can present a firearm without it being a legal threat and ALWAYS BE ON CAMERA AND AUDIO….. You want even smarter stuff?
    Concealed Weapon Permit along with a Personal Business Recorder will ensure you can show the correct story and have the ability to defend yourself.
    Any conservative that watches this channel I will gladly walk you through your paperwork and point you to a 12 dollar pen spy camera, you need but ask.

  2. When they they tore down the projects, crime didn’t go away, it just moved to East Chicago Indiana…whiting..Gary (as if they didn’t ave enough)….and the Chicago suburbs

  3. Weld why people didn't call the cops for a black guy that lives in the apartment complex and had a right to be in the swimming pool hell none of this would've fucken happened or what about that one kid that was selling water in her own yard and a blue and a white woman call the cops on them or how about a guy barbecuing which they had a right to do and his white woman to call the cops on them and I would have bought that one guy was bird watching and the woman lie saying that the guy who has assaulted her yes white people were running f**** scared and false claims G that doesn't sound like a republican. Does it

  4. You sir had some kind of stocker come to your house at 4am or so on twice and call the law so you are not as safe as you say you are .. She did not have the saftey of her home she was surrounded buy not one but several and was threaten at that upon entrapped being at this point harassed with threat and property damaged somewhat ,so she had the right to defense … You are in your safe place they are as well until they broke that safe space .. For you to say she should have not drawled her weapon is wrong for you to decide … At the point that camper/stocker camped out buy you mail box and that just came on your porch or back door you was scared and had better opportunity at that point to call the law but that still did not stop your intruder in which came back again.. Does that sound similar .. House your safe and have escape route and them car with not one but many .. Pull your weapon and live or stand surrounded and die .. Hmmm

  5. There needs to be a media outlet where there is no people talking just reading proven facts off a piece of paper in front of a green screen showing the video or picture of what they are reading about.

  6. So counter Sue the black woman for false imprisonment for not allowing them to leave. She can make the case the black woman held her hostage. I mean if we are gonna make up bullshit charges then let's go all in on both sides.

  7. Excellent firearm etiquette either way.

    "Should she have pulled out her weapon?"

    Was she the aggressor?
    Was she cornered?
    Was there a clear potential threat to her or her loved ones wellbeing?

    The only three questions (after the quote) that really need to be asked, and answered.

  8. She was a victim of a hate crime. If I was surrounded by a bunch of people yelling and calling me they were gonna beat my ass, especially if it was told that my skin color came into the equation…… I'd definitely call the cops and tell them that I'm being threatened and I fear for my safety. If windows got broke or anything else I'd definitely step out and withdraw my weapon while still on the phone with the cops while giving be verbal commands to get away.

  9. 4:10 not to harass others is the answer simple they could be armed . some one once said an armed society is a polite society. some notable character. oh yea ethnic intimidation using there word play against them lololol. anyone can now describe anything with non normally used terminology that make it seem like something its not . Orwell. better use everything against them before there crazy asses get laws passed to screw us all. they have already did to much… trump 2020 he should resets the executive branch back 50 years or more. giving back all the powers transferred by congress and the house to the executive back to there right full positions before he exits. so the next nub who takes office will not have them. kills patriot act . restores the republican form of government .

  10. There are not many situations where you feel more vulnerable than when an agressor approaches you in your car. They have the advantage of full movement while you're stuck in your car only being able to move your torso and arms. Also there is no such thing as "accidental discharge". You either intentionally fire your gun or you negligently discharge your gun.

  11. I've never heard a more biased buffoon in all my life , to say that all instances regarding anyone antifa would be false to claim they were fearing for their life is absurd , you literally justify any right wingers actions and ideologically condemn anyone from the left without even considering the individual case makes you a charlatan biased buffoon, a influencer who's intent is actually harmful

  12. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Defend yourself and deal with the consequences. I don't give a flying fuck about being charged with assault. I'll still be alive and in one piece.

  13. I believe that she had every right in the world to feel that she was in danger. She was dealing with a woman that was much bigger than her plus a teenage daughter. They already said they was going to whip her ass. She was pregnant for God's sake. I think she is completely Justified