Women More Likely To Receive Interview Than Men For Same Application

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. 1. Get a passport in a liberal state, in which they will be more than willing to put your gender as “female” if you show up in a sun dress.

    2. Passports are Federal IDs, meaning every state must recognize them as legitimate.

    3. You are now a woman. Winner. winner, chicken dinner.

  2. This actually happed at my work, it took my job five months before accepting all candidates, for a phone entry level technician because my boss wanted a female diversity hire and an additional 2 months to hire someone, but he was happy because he got his diversity hire.

  3. "Play the new meta"
    This doesn't work because the people who brought this about are hypocrites who do not play by any rules. Claim you identify as a woman, watch as you still get declined for the interview or get squeezed out if you do get hired on something trumped up to just get you out of HRs domain. This whole thing is fucked and there's no dealing with these people. I wish I had something, anything, to put up as a solution but I don't, I'm just a dumb high school drop out trying to scrape by. But even I'm smart enough to see how these people operate.

  4. So wait, I could change my gender in Germany so I'm more likely to get hired, and then a year later I change my gender back, and they can't fire me because of labor laws, right?

  5. I had a similar thing happen to me working as a software developer, the lead developer on my team admitted that they almost hired a female applicant instead of me, but she actually took another offer. This was despite her apparently being a recent graduate with no experience.

  6. I had a colleague in STEM who told me once about how she went to a job interview that she felt was a bit above her skill level, but went for it anyway. When she entered the waiting room and saw that the dozen or so interviewees were all white men, she thought to herself, "I am definitely getting this job." She was correct.

  7. I live in London. I’m a guy. Having applied at about 30 pubs and cafes with no previous experience in the industry; I was invited to 2 interviews and offered a position at only one place! So the numbers roughly check out. I work at a fairly big place and they by far prefer women. These is also a lot of security where there is a constant shortage of women. They prefer girls for virtually any job, and hire men only if there is shortage of staff and new applicants, and the turnover is staggering. They need men strictly for the most physically demanding jobs, such as the one I do, where girls simply cannot keep up for hours. And if there were more female bouncers, would get away with only literally couple of male security where there is a legal need for them, such as something happening in a gendered toilet. Men are obviously more intimidating as bouncers, but even though where I work there are multiple fights a night, you don’t need Mike Tysons for the job. If it’s serious, you call the police. The higher positions are occupied by mostly men, and I think it’s only because they’ve worked at the company for half of their lives and are friends with the owners who are too rich to ever show up at these venues. Oh yeah and when the police comes, which they always do, they also employ very many ladies. Also, for clarity, I don’t hold it against them, I would do the same. Everyone would rather be around women than men, women prefer women too. They don’t need to be babes and still bring more customers.

  8. I'm reminded hearing a story about how a guy have a bias to hire veterans regardless of gender or moms who coming back into the workforce because of based on his experience they're the hardest workers and didn't hear any complaints about that team. But at least there's some merit for both veteran is self explanatory. I imagine the dude is thinking taking care of a baby is a full time job and she coming back to the workforce hungry you know. But pretty sure that's just the exception in terms of hiring practice

  9. V they want men to earn less or stay unemployed. That's how the dissolution of the family happens. Women will still get pregnant, yes. But they won't settle with a man that won't make more then her.

    PS: Either identify as a woman, as LGBT+ or start your own business. Buck the system.

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