Women’s Rights are now a Hate Crime in Scotland

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  1. How can it not be a miscarriage of justice when you are not even informed of what you are accused of and accused by? It'd be a farce if you show up in court with a human rights lawyer and suddenly trying to fight a traffic violation?! Everybody deserves a chance of obtaining best possible defence for their case!

  2. So what? Feminazis are staunch opponents of free speech and say stuff like men should be falsely accused of rape. As the left eat their own the free people of the Earth cheer on.

  3. Scotland, as a nation, does so many things right. But their criminal justice system seems more aligned with China or North Korea. Once the Scottish state decides its going to prosecute you, the entire judicial system fixates on securing a conviction, and this includes the judges. As the case of Count Dankula showed, his defence case meant nothing because the judge casually dismissed any argument that obstructed the prosecution. In this particular case, its chilling that someone can be "charged" and "prosecuted" for a "crime", end up in court, and only THEN discover what crime they are charged with, and what they are being prosecuted for.
    Marion Millar’s case stinks of "lets convict her of something, and figure it out as we go along". Since when did judges serve as agents of prosecution? They are there to judge, not serve the police or the state. All eyes should be on this case because it is already grounds for legal reform.

  4. You know who should be offended by that tweet?
    Anyone who knows how to tie a noose!
    If that is meant to be a noose then it was tied by someone who has never seen a noose before. Or ribbons.

  5. I love to see the snake eating its own tail. Wokeism went full circle, femminist are now perceived by them as the bad guys (Which they have been for quite a long time). But is lovely to see the repercussion on the movements.

  6. HATE CRIME , critical race theory, Antifa…i have a real life where this never played a role, fearmongers. And i life in " communist" germany with " evil" education and social care even. 😀

  7. Good, now she has what she has been fighting for, to be treated the same as men.
    I love seeing equality and women treated the way they've been treating men, to see society treating women the same as men for once.
    Shame this feminist channel won't recognise it or care about that fact but misandry and all that.

  8. To the best of my knowledge, ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking the law. Just because a statement was not made by the person retweeting it, does not make that statement less of a hateful comment.
    Regardless of the specifics of this case, you make assumptions based upon a lack of knowledge. Let the court case happen and react to it, rather than present a video dripping with your personal bias.

    I'm all for equality, but let's keep in equal in all cases, if the law is biased in favour of any gender, that isn't equality.
    Would a woman posting a #killallmen post be prosecuted? What about a man posting #killallwomen?

    A man can protect himself against assault by a woman and get arrested because she bruised her hand punching him? Equality? The law should protect people equally, not assume one gender is the victim and one gender is the criminal.

  9. I hope/think that the basic common sense of the UK public will crush this CRT / SJW / Intersectionality bullshit. Red's dressed up as woke. Keep up the good work on educating the public. And…please wake up Scotland you are wanted and you are about to enter a socialist dream (combined with Nationalism) pretty much national…..socialists…wait….hang on! (too late).

  10. This sounds completely insane. First not telling what she is being charged with and then it turns out to be something as absurd as a twitter requote.

    Are these officials fit to serve?

  11. As a Scot, I don't think the majority of people care. Most Scots I met are just as oppressive as the government, and they are okay with the government doing this because it's what they deem to be just. Many Scots feel that you shouldn't be allowed to say, feel or think certain things and it's just disgusting. It happens pretty frequently in the gen x onwards and gets more totalitarian and emotive as time goes on. Most Scots I talk to will just be angry and violent rather than consider another perspective because they think you are ignorant or stupid. There is almost zero compassion left for people, and everyone I have met who has it is a working-class individual or upper-class business owner and old money. They are all terrified of speaking out and losing their assets and family because the government used what they loved against them.

    The country is gone, and it was destroyed by middle-class leftwingers who thought they knew better than everyone else. Everyone I speak to is leaving the country because they can afford to or have no investment in the country and moving to another part of the UK.

    A country that isn't interested in saving itself isn't worth the time nor the effort. I'll just go to England because the English have been far nicer to me this past decade than the majority of my own Kin.

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