Women’s Sports Are Being REDEFINED Out Of Existence, Critical Theory Changes Words To Fit Narrative

Tim and Colin Wright, PhD (@swipewright on Twitter) discuss the ways in which men and women are different in the arena of sports.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. its interesting how timcast misleads his audience by not only misrepresenting the findings of "The Greater Male Variability Hypothesis" but he also glosses over all the studies that debunks it as garbage. Even sadder his how gullible his is audience is and how timcast deletes comments that proves they are wrong and nothing more than the other side of the propaganda coin

  2. Women don't want to win the "feminist fight for equality," they just want something to rally behind. There's a good reason why the goal posts have been getting moved ever since the first wave of feminism, which was a good and correct cause, got what they wanted. Imagine having to witness the goals of feminism go from basic rights to outright trying to be superior to men. In a world where women directly profit from a society being built by men. It boggles my mind.

  3. You 3 have never thought deeper about how one would go about changing culture as quickly as possible? You talk about it's effects every day. You can't plan for everything though. Especially when it comes to human beings. As Soros is finding out the hard way. Can't use the same mechanisms for too long or people catch on to your game and through turmoil and suffering, we eventually find a way to reduce or eliminate that weakness that allows for corruption to take it apart. Then the corruption has to evolve to maintain the challenge. So goes the universe. Accept it and allow us to find harmony.

  4. Great. I don't identify as a straight white male. I'm gay gay, meaning I'm a man who likes women, but with victimhood. Where's my box to tick?

  5. Sort of off topic but I want to address the comment about the French smoking and drinking in regards to lower amounts of heart disease. I learned some years back that the heart disease disparity between the United States and France actually is more closely related to diet and average eating habits. On average the French eat higher fatty foods but in much smaller portions more frequently throughout the day, whereas Americans eat similarly high fat foods but consume much more portion wise and fewer times a day. We also snack in between meals as well. So when it comes to the problem of heart disease it seems to me that the issue isn't so much smoking and drinking as it is developments of cardiovascular problems due to obesity. I believe there's also something with regards to red wine and fatty foods but I'm not quite sure on that one.

  6. Tim, your mom’s videos are demonitized because it’s political. You forgot the Left claims math is racist. Someone in a minority group doing well at math slaps them in the face and so they attack it.

  7. When your philosophy is everything is malleable , when nothing is hard fast , if I say iam
    Something then that's what iam.
    What is it will to power. I say it , who are you to tell me different.

  8. Yo science guy is wrong about the wine thing. Humans have been drinking milk from cows for about 7 and a half thousand years, mead, beer and wine, about the same. And going off of genes, human ancestors have had the ability to digest alcohol for around a million. So if some people can drink milk and others cant, then some people will do better with wine than others

  9. I’m a female lawyer. Nothing stopped me from pursuing this career, in fact I received a lot of encouragement. Support and mentor ship does make a difference — planting the seeds that you could pursue something you didn’t think you could. But your values also matter. I value flexibility, creativity in my work, and self-reliance so I’m not in traditional litigation and I’m starting a business so I can own my schedule and work. I’d rather create a product I can sell and eventually have passive income than work my ass off like others who will work 80 hour work weeks. They’ll make more money than me in a firm upfront, so you can’t blame the “wage gap.” Different people value different things and have different abilities. Men and women as well, generally. That’s why society and meritocracy functions as unique people fill different niches based on baseline talent and interest + working hard and smart, building skills, and being resilient.

    Men and women sports are segregated for a reason, by biological ability. I totally support a trans league… it just isn’t sensible to put a male developed trans women with women who didn’t benefit from testosterone. Hormones direct A LOT of our body’s function from in the womb, to puberty, and beyond. It’s absolutely unscientific not to recognize that.

  10. If you have not seen it, South Park did an episode last year called Board Girls that addressed this issue. It is funny but also shows what could really happen if any man could compete in Women's sports.

  11. "i heard this, i dont know if it's true but i think it is"

    the first line in this video pretty much sum up this entire podcast. utter garbage, please stop eating the bullshit that this man is feeding to ya'll

  12. Tim, I'm disappointed. I'm not even angry, just disappointed. Please, talk with people before you voice what "they say".
    This isn't a simple matter, those are complex issues, and simplifying things will only put people on opposite sides. Your problem is that you are trying to segregate everything is two categories. But that doesn't work on people.

  13. I get sick of men blaming women for this, as if we're not being called bigots for calling this out. The silent majority of women are scared of speaking up. I'd be filthy rich if I'd a dollar for every anxious glance and nervous remark. We're literally being bullied into consignment.