Wondering why gas is $5/gallon under Joe Biden? Watch this.

“No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period.”

— Joe Biden, 2020

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Written by GOP


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  1. The thumbnail of the video says it all.
    No NEW fracking
    No NEW pipeline
    He didn't stop anything already working. He stopped new projects.
    At best he didn't help slow down gas price…

    Remember before listening to these kind of videos. High prices is world wide.

  2. And people with short political memories remember none of this. Jan 20, 2021, Biden signed a stack of EO's. Fuel prices started rising within a few months.
    "He's doing all he can to get the prices down." Really? I can smell smoke, you know.

  3. I guess Joe Biden is responsible for the increase in gas prices worldwide? This creator is lazy. This is the best bullshit he can come up with to attack Biden…..come on!

  4. The constant deletion of comments is going to awhole new level. There should be at least a deletion button for us to the delete your channel when it pops up on our accounts

  5. Such strong opinions about things you know nothing about. THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT SET THE PRICES FOR GAS AND OIL. THE OIL COMPANIES DO! The same oil companies that fund Congress's political campaigns. The same Congress that enacts laws to help the oil companies make more money. And round and round it goes. But it is NOT Biden's doing. That is NOT how the system works. And there are over 100 drilling permits that the oil companies already have and are not even using!

  6. What the heck is it with this administration? They are always talking about transitioning from something that is functional and realistic into something that isn't.

  7. This is exactly why it was a great time for Russia to counter U.S. aggression and decouple now. All while the world can see how the west works and to put all it's economic weapons on the table. Lol absolutely genius😎

  8. But people knew what Biden was so how did he get voted in?. No good bleating now!!. But look at the state the World is in then look at the Worlds leaders, Biden, Johnson, Macron, Arden & Putin. Were any of them voted in or are we being scammed?. What is needed is World wide civil unrest followed by well organised revolutions

  9. More BS from the party of stupid. Oil companies have plenty of leases to drill on but they want to wait until the price goes through the roof. Nice try, though.

  10. Americans, you have no fucking idea how lucky you are living in America? We, in Europe pay 2.75 Euros for litter which is around $2.85, now considering the bloody US gallon = 3.785 litter, now do the maths, oh no I forgot you don't do much math 2.85 X 3.785= $10.787 in another word DO NOT FUCKING COMPLAIN.

  11. republicans are thinking ahead? after they poison the air , the're going to sell us bottled air.. — already doing it in china.
    fat cats spend big buck's filtering their air.

  12. Only an Idiot would think that Wold Wide Fuel Costs have anything to do with this.
    Only a Liar would put this up after the Entire GOP voted against a an Anti Gouging Bill on Gas Prices.
    The GOP Prevented the Democrats from Fixing the Problem and then Complain about the Problem the GOP Created.
    Time to get rid of the Corrupt Traitorous GOP.

  13. "Gas" is expensive all over the world. The UK is currently paying £2 a litre. This isn't a US problem and it's not a Joe Biden caused issue, its a worldwide problem fuelled by wars and greedy oil companies who are using the war in Ukraine as a reason when it isn't. The US has never been energy dependent either, while I'm at it, but if you want to be (and protect the planet) then green energy is the way forward. Despite what an orange idiot may have told you, windmills do not cause cancer – there is literally no reason they would so why he keeps talking about it is beyond me. Its opinion if you think they're an eyesore, personally I like them.

  14. A switch away from oil is decades premature. But, he will continue down this path regardless, and there is little America can do. It is a fall from within, and we see why green interests have recieved such Russian support.

  15. Inflation is worldwide. The inflation rate in the US is lower than in most of the world. Thank you President Biden. Gas is also MUCH cheaper than in most of the world. Again, thank you Biden. So Glad Trump is gone for good.

  16. This video is aimed at the misinformed. The global price of oil sets the price of gas…other recent factors include the recovery from Covid restrictions, and supply chain disruptions. Drilling for more oil in the United States won't lower gas prices.

  17. This video is so lame and disingenuous – Why do those gd vile seditious Republican pukes even do this – those comments are several years old, and this whole ignorant video is completely out of context. Why are the puke Republicans out to destroy this Democracy?

  18. Fraudulent elected by massive cheating joe biden has destroyed the USA economy while Republicans sit and do nothing. Our borders over run by illegals and drugs pour in killing Americans while Republicans sit and do nothing.
    I call my representative and hear nothing. Republicans are shadow democRATs now.

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