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  1. They claim to be the liberal party of freedom, but they're really the party of the groomers, party of the kiddie fiddlers, party of child terminators, and party of fake corporate science. They've always been the party of the clan. Demonrats. They're fake, poser, liberals masquerading as freedom fighters. Malcolm and King warned us of both. Sycophant hypocrites. The top is a bunch of demonic pretenders leading a bunch of blind morons who will believe anything. The ones at the bottom are stupid, childish, immature, plebeians who want to mess with kids because they didn't mature enough growing up themselves. They still have their child like mentality. They're WORSE than Christians or any other religious nut. I didn't escape from one cult just to be captured or abused by a worse one. The demonrats think their black voices are more important than mine because I support more conservative behaviors. I support whatever proves to work. I throw away things I cannot prove on the abstract level. I need evidence and proof. Christians have more evidence and proof than the left. That's sad.

  2. As it was explained to me, by a pro groomer, that these are just a few unfortunate incidents. Oh and pride parades are kid friendly. Never answered the 'is pedal Philly uh' a sexual orientation. Yup

  3. …fighting for my students to graduate with 50k+student dept as unemployed to work at Drive-through that they could have done without the dept…

  4. Wow! When they sid he had admitted to s3x with a 13yo, I thought to myself "This animal r4p3d a little girl." But when they said it was a BOY, I was floored. But I should have known he's g4y. He'll get plenty of sausage in prison, tho.

  5. Pedophiles should be executed. Knowing that is the punishment might keep them from violating children. It would also guarantee there are no repeat offenders!

  6. I'm so shocked. I cannot believe someone who supports talking to elementary school kids about sex took advantage of those same kids. How could this happen. Should I blame this on Trump or Russian bots this time?

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