Woolworths Cancels Women

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  2. This “identity” bullshit can be made to work for us. A friend was stopped by the cops the other day for a breath test re booze. He thought he was probably a fair bit over the limit. But he, very sensibly, informed the cop he identifies as a sober person. Enough said.
    Cop replied, “On your way, sir. Sorry to have bothered you”
    True story.

  3. See I think this argument is simple. There’s your biological sex the sex you are born with, th x X chromosome or x Y chromosome and yes there are people with x x Y chromosome and x y y etc that us something you cannot change that is unchangeable at the moment. Yes give it enough time it might be able to be changed. That’s that, then you have what the individual psychological sex is or gender. Something that they experience and what they truely believe they are. So that we’re people who are chicks with dicks or dudes with vags or no identification ect. Simple as that no need to fight over this shit. You are a biological women or man or sheman or a hegirl. And then you gender is your personal experience of your identity

  4. I work at Woolies and I have been called sexist for merely offering to lift a heavy item, holding doors open, and grabbing things off the top shelf.

  5. This whole topic leads to a fascinating battle. Feminists on one side, the LGBTQIA+ community on the other. Who is more oppressed? Who deserves more sympathy? Who should have their way? It's a race to the bottom.

  6. The easiest way to avoid all this woke nonesense is to not adhere to any of the policies and to stop paying attention to anyone that is “woke” and all the ridiculous jibber jabber associated with the losers that can’t even differentiate from something as simple as gender.

  7. I agree that separating people by genitals is dumb, especially when the terms female and male are sitting right there. I also believe sex (as in the difference of chromosomes) is different from gender, I also believe that people without a uterus are smart enough not to waste money on tampons for themselves.

  8. Well my dumbest experience so far has to be last year, we were having what is known asa PBL session, the idea is 6-7 med students gather around and discuss a theoretical case under the supervision of a consultant and one of the students is designated as a facilitator for the session making sure everything goes smoothly.
    The facilitator is usually called the chairman of the session, so I welcomed everyone and was like "today I have been designated as the chairman for this session" and the consultant suddenly started giving me a lecture about how you're supposed to say chairperson to be more inclusive, she even docked some marks off my final score because of it

  9. I got called out in the middle of the office for suggesting a 'pow-wow' in an email. The person dressing me down, suggested it's a word I shouldn't use because of the way I looked. Fuck me it took all my effort not to return fire after that sentence came out of their mouth. 🤣

  10. Worked at the NAB for a while recently. Of course, they toe the woke line, even though no one actually believes this BS. Anyway, there's one thing in particular I remember, when they were going on endlessly about International Women's Day, and supposedly systemic bias against women. They profiled a lot of female employees, including a senior manager, who was praised for supposedly overcoming this systemic bias in both her working and personal lives. An example given of the latter was that she was a qualified SCUBA diving instructor. F me. They're trying to say that in 21st century Australia, women must struggle to become diving instructors due to patriarchal oppression??

  11. So if I need pads, my husband goes in and buy me some if I can't get to the shops. He doesn't feel bad about it, he just does it. If a women is transgender and dressed like a man, just walk in, buy the pads and walk out, and nobody would be any wiser. But no, you have to make a big frigging deal about it. Look at me…I'm mentally ill….. Please accomodate me…..

  12. That’s it I’m not going to Woolworths again, if all women followed it would change and women would be allowed to be true women again and be proud to be a true women

  13. The wort thing I have encountered was in school, (I am a man) in collage I'm the UK, but the force I wanted to do was only available in a school that just tuned into mixed from being girls only. So I was left with being the only boy in the school for 2 years. Anyways, the secon I stepped into the school. All the girls look at me and some come up to meta nd say that I'm an abuser and even though I have never met them or talked to them they instantly didn't like me. A year goes by and after a year I know that the schools in the UK (especially for girls) promote this behaviour and never talk about female abusers and only say that you need to watch out cos men are bad and sh*t.

  14. not taking action against a work college because she is a lesbian and can't possibly sexually harrass anyone through inappropriate touch or comments……🤔 all I can say is thank God for the Rona because she was antivax and quit when it became mandatory (work in healthcare)

  15. The most annoying thing I've had happen to me at work happened during my first year working there.

    I work in a factory, for starters and, for the first couple years, there was this couple who worked there who just did NOT like me.

    Why? Because I wasn't even 30 at the time while they were past their 50s.

    They didn't like me and would tell me how to do my job their way instead of my own, just because I was young and they were old.

    They don't work there now, they retired 2-3 years ago, don't quite remember anymore.

    The reason I didn't get along with them wasn't simply because of them not liking me for being young though.

    I didn't like them because, during my first year at my job, they tried to get me in trouble with the supervisor by Lying to him, saying I'd been peeking into the girl's toilets.

    That kind of thing can get you in serious trouble, so the fact they intentionally lies about it showed me just how much they didn't like me, that they'd possibly risk me losing my job, just because I'm younger than them.

    Thankfully, my supervisor at the time was a relatively patient man who chose to get my side before acting.

    I was easily able to explain all the holes in the lie because:

    1. The toilets in question were on the opposite side of the factory to where I'd been working that day, so why would I go all the way across the factory, where everyone would see me, instead of the ones closer?

    2. The time I'd apparently been peeking into the girl's toilets didn't work because I'd been in the area I was working in that day from the moment I got to work til the point my supervisor came over, with everyone working in that area able to backup my claim.

    3. At the time, I didn't know there were any girls close to my age working where I do, so, as far as I was aware at the time, there were only old women there.

    WHY would I want to peek at old women?

    Thankfully, my supervisor understood my points and nothing more came of it.

    However, it was clear to me who'd told him the lie, and I didn't ever get along with those two after that and was grateful when they finally retired, as it made work less unpleasant

  16. Work in a supermarket with 34 employees. Certain female co-worker decides to quit ( got a better paid job, fair play) and whilst telling everyone she is quitting another female co-worker decide to give her two cents which went – " omg they better not replace you with another guy, this place has way too many".
    My answer – " Umm interesting fact, there are 10 guys and 24 women working here, you already outnumber us more than 2-1"
    Her response – " Thanks for mansplianing the FACTS for me"

    There are times I wish guns were legal in Ireland.

  17. So now I guess Woolworths milk comes from animals utilised in the dairy industry instead of cows come to think of it instead of milk they will have signs telling us that it is a product of animal lactation and on and on it goes.

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