Workers Rebelling Against Vaxx Mandates w/Professor Richard Wolff

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. Fauci doesn't want to come out and say "They need the vaccines because without them they aren't getting their fair share of graphene oxide, luciferase, polyethylene glycol and parasites."

  2. The left has impugned itself by allowing 500,000 to go bankrupt ever year over medical charges for substandard care. We have been lied to so much that Shrub and Trump were elected. While Denmark pays their workers 22 hours per week with healthcare FIRST dollar coverage, 6 weeks of vacation etc. AND they mandated aspiration after the needle is inserted and before the injection. Our vaccinators don’t have a clue what aspiration means.

  3. why are the people shouting loudest the ones that would take your freedom in a heartbeat if they were in power ,, this american personal freedom thing is a conservative con all part of this bollocks of an american dream that does nothing but ignores peoples class so the rich can piss all over the poor

  4. I feel now that once you have a job the company you work for owns you and dictate your behaviour outside of work hours which I find intolerable it’s like you never leave work. They control your social commentary and interactions.

  5. If we look at the past mandate it wasn’t anywhere near as extreme and that was for a vaccine that provided sterilization immunity.
    This doesn’t, nor does it address the spread as it’s far more complicated than they let on.
    Vaccines that don’t provide sterilizing immunity, may reduce it initially but it’s also causes increases in aberrational mutations.
    So this leads me to believe that overwhelming vaccine mandates , may in fact do nothing in the long run but stave off morbidity and
    Mortality to the vaccinated.
    This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vaccinate, just that we shouldn’t force vaccines.

  6. I am politically neutral. I am neither for, nor against, the right or the left. I do not take either side.

    With that said… in my humble opinion, there is something else going on. There's a 3rd group that is behind the scenes (curtains) working at dismantling the system, and setting things up so we have the military take over the empty jobs (including firefighters and law enforcement), and eventually… move us into Marshall law with a police state. This has been planned for a while. A pandemic is the perfect crisis to move in and make it look like they had no choice to, for our own good.

  7. Canadian owned Liberty Utilities is counting on the obscene Vax mandate to 'cull' older, Conservative employees (very illegally!) Since older employees are generally against the poison, heart-destroying jab. But they are about to get their asses handed to them by some very savvy Civil Rights attorneys who have had people on the inside, feeding them corporate info for years. Liberty took over American owned Empire District Electric Company a few years ago in order to destroy their clean-coal based Electric operation by the installation of thousands of 'green' wind turbines THAT DO NOT WORK. Buh Bye Liberty Utilities and your EEOC violations!

  8. the vaccine was designed to prevent severe symptoms & death … you won't be 'forced' to take it but if you need hospitalization is society 'forced' to care for you as you took a risk and now you want to 'socialize' your care devoting precious medical resources and withholding care from a car wreck victim ..??? this is akin to a hedge fund taking a risk and losing but expecting the rest of us to bail them out .. don't take it but don't expect the system to bail you out at others expense …

  9. My sons and I have been put on unpaid leave because I refus to take that medical procedure with Experimental in the description .
    They made it so I can't collect ei to feed my 6 kids .
    And this is a non-profit organization if you can believe that .
    Faith in Fauci and no one else!

  10. Well I’m anti vax, vaccines have never cured or prevented disease. I’ve never taken any vaccines for 50 years, besides only Four as a child, when I had no choice. Healthy and rarely get sick.

  11. So many people forget that it was the obsession with health and safety that fueled the Nazi's rise to power. Every time they took away one of your rights, they said it was 'fur ihre sichenheit', which means 'for your own protection'. Nazism was a safety cult, much like the ones being led by the Critical Theory 'socialists' in modern times (safe space politics). These people will sacrifice everything in the name of safety – their rights, their neighbors, their families. Simply tell them it's 'for their own protection' and they'll believe it. Oh, and the funniest part? The Nazis called themselves 'socialists', too. That's what Nazi stands for: National Socialism. And they, too, swapped out 'class conflict' for 'racial conflict'. Beware Critical Theory, my fellow progressives. It's a dark road. Do not travel down it.

  12. "You're helping to cement an alliance between the right wing and labor militancy." Yes, that's the point. If you make sure the left only speaks for the aristocrats and the establishment, that leaves all populist criticism in the hands of the right. In which case, the ruling class has nothing to worry about, since the right will always defend capitalism, even at their own expense. That's why this political realignment is happening. And eliminating the words left and right from the conversation won't prevent it from happening. Refusing to address the problem won't make it disappear.

  13. I have never had the flu, and I have never taken a flu shot. When the plague in history was killing a large portion of the population, not everyone contracted the plague. So I am wondering why the narrative is the everyone will get Covid

  14. ANTIFA just crashed an anti vax mandate protest…so much for anti fascists🤦🏻😂… they have shown themselves time and time again to be a vital part
    Of the establishment. This is crystal clear.

  15. The vaccines NEVER prevented anyone from transmitting the virus. So ya’ll have to drop that CNN word salad that the “Covid-19 vaccines ‘no longer’ prevent transmission”. VACCINES NEVER PREVENTED TRANSMISSIONS.

  16. Also, the bad thing about people quitting en masses due to vaxx mandates is that they are EASILY eliminating the resistance and making a list of who’s on their side and who isn’t. This will all lead to either a very dark path that will remain dark or leads us ALL to clarity.

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