World Bank warns globe may be heading for 2023 recession

World Bank President David Malpass joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss global inflation and the potential for a recession in 2023.

Written by CNBC Television


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  1. All fake. Increase interest rates on cash that doesn't exist to quell inflation that they created on purpose so that they can take even more from the average citizen when its all over. This isn't a by-product of incompetence this has all been planned and we know who's responsible.

  2. Bunch of morons! Chinese production returning to the markets will end the supply crunch. The combination of higher interest rates and China exiting COVID protocols will return inflation to acceptable lever. Okay! These idiots just want cheap money (at effectively almost negative rates). They use those loans to inflate stock prices and make themselves insanely right. Disgusting people on these channels Miss-educating the public.

  3. Democrat politicians are giving $Billions to foreigners, $Billions to have thousands of American soldiers in foreign countries, $Billions for rockets to the moon, $Billions to Federal employees to "study" black holes, "explore" Venus, and play with toy cars on Mars, $Trillions for things that have absolutely no practical value!!

  4. The Fed has no tools to increase supply. They have continually been saying this. The only tool they can use is expand the money supply, which increases demand for stuff, which then means you have shortages of stuff because supply of stuff does not just randomly appear. They affect the demand-side by increasing the money supply And that causes people to spend more money quickly, which is also pushing up the inflation numbers everyone is complaining about. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they increase the money supply, which is inflation, by the way, then the supply chain will break down, even further, as the supply of goods is sucked up quickly in the market. They will also have high CPI numbers. If they don’t print the money, then supply will grow as prices stabilize. The problem for government is tax receipts, began to fall, as we had into a major recession, which we are really already in. we have to choose as a people. Do we suffer a depression or do we suffer a hyper inflationary depression?

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