World Bank Warns Of GLOBAL RECESSION | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar present findings from the World Bank warning of a global recession due to global interest rate hikes

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  1. Its end stage capitalism and quite predictable. They have been running the world on debt for many years and now the bill has come due. Silly inflation has been the result. The financial class must perish the world must crumble back to a stable and solvent level without debt. It will not be pretty for debtors.

  2. You make it sound like this isn't the plan. Global leaders have consistently said this is the plan to fight climate change. Make energy unaffordable and make everyone consume less.

    All going according to plan

  3. Totally by design. WEF benefits greatly by impoverishing people & centralising both wealth & control. Health mandates, climate mandates, aggression towards Russia for years … everything is lining up beautifully for WEF. USA MIC is also driven by desire to preserve hegemony. We need a world of neutral, strong, diplomatic nations, which may include RSA, India, Brazil etc, & ahould've included Ukraine. Instead, we submit to our new unelected overlords. 🕊

  4. Sounds good to me. Cheap assets for me to buy for idiots who didn't prepare. Also China collapsing would be amazing. They are the only real threat in the world to us.

  5. Why does "this" recession seem so dire compared to previous recessions? We've had them before. It's almost like they are using the word "recession" as a substitution for a far more dire one. People have been saying that the recession is coming for months like the crazy guy on the street corner proclaiming that the end is nigh. Fuck it. If the world banking system is going to collapse, then rip the band-aid off, and let's start this armageddon. I'm tired of living in fear of what is about to come. It's already fucking here.

  6. In India last year, when oil prices were low, India did not dramatically reduce prices, instead many times they raised price, only sometimes reduced it.
    We all cursed the government for not reducing oil prices.
    But just in September, many countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries had to raise price by 30℅ . This was a huge shock to public, and they are protesting rightfully.
    But here in India, we are relatively better and well prepared and our economy and growth is doing really well.
    So good fiscal policies (not only oil), patience, luck and foresight has helped India.

  7. India is a sleeper nation like Brazil- they could both over take the US if they had the right advancements in manufacturing & in global market in general

    Fun fact about Brazil: in the I think late 7Os early 80s they made a tank buffing for a contract for the US BUT over national security shit or sum the USA wouldn't buy it even tho it was better.. they have the capability

  8. What should I buy before inflation makes luxury items unreasonable
    I’ll always need food but should I go ahead and buy that guitar and amp I always wanted before I can’t afford anything else?

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