World-Controlling Bilderberg Group Meeting Discovered By Journalists

The highly secretive Bilderberg Group met in person for the first time since the pandemic, taking up and cordoning off the entire Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC to plan world domination while refusing to allow access to any of the plebes whose lives they’re planning or journalists who might cover the proceedings.

Jimmy and his panel consisting of The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the shadowy organization’s plans and just why the mainstream media chooses to ignore this meeting of some of the world’s most powerful people.

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  1. Excellent job Max exposing this. It is funny to me that someone like Alex Jones was exposing these meetings for many years including exposing the Bohemian Grove. I guess Alex Jones was right again.

  2. Oh, we would all love for them to start feeling heat, and fall, but don't know how to get rid of them. Every opposition just ends up being the same. It's the same "democratic" party, whatever option They push under your nose, pretending to go against them until they get the seat. Then just align with same sht they were "opposing". All the same. We need the whole system changed in world wide, especially west, since they're leading all this bull 💩, forcing others to follow. We are supposedly neutral, and US/UK forbid to host Lavrov, saying we need to stick with EU. Not to mention them dragging us into war, bombing the sht out of us, and at the end plain stole our land, because we wanted to neutrality and didn't want their base. Since then it's the biggest smuggling route, under nato control. Same ones bishing about Ukr sovereignty. Same crap wherever you turn. They brake your legs and then force you to buy their cheap crutches.

  3. Youkraine, more like Ourkraine 😸😸😸
    And Jimmy, if your notes aren’t sorted, do the ethical thing and blame someone else. Probably one of your lowest paid staff. That’s the American way

  4. Zelenskyi (should be 'Zelenskyy') is always in a teeshirt because he just stepped out of a gay orgy. Max looked like a Jew but they had to call someone to confirm that he's a Zionist. And, when they found out he wasn't, that REALLY pissed them off. Probably the same thing happened to Josh. I'd sure like to hear what Heinz Kissinger tells them.

  5. I am so confused. Am I supposed to hate the John Birch Society for believing there actually is a Bilderberg Group or am I supposed to hate Jimmy Dore for not supporting the Bilderbergers enough?

  6. Who refines British oil?
    Are you ready for this?
    You got it ….
    …. Russia! but, let's sanction the fck out of Russia so that we can weaken her. Boris Johnston is the consumate prick!

  7. This cabal of evil makes perfect sense when you have over 7 billion people on the planet( and growing ) and limited resources and the Haves wanting to keep the Have Nots away from having a gosh darn thing.

  8. Jimmy, you gotta have a kiss and make up session with Alex Jones. 6 years since that incident and there is now considerable overlap in what you're covering.

    He's a crazy son of a bitch but he was ahead of the curve on a lot.

  9. Many, many years ago I first heard rumors about the sinister Bilderberg group. Making me aware, was this fired-up guy called Alex Jones. He was being followed ('chased' as he called it) by private security and he was outraged. I immediately understood that if heads of state, science and industry get together, this suspiciously acting Jones needed to be assessed in case he was a threat or a nut job. I totally get it, that leaders from various fields get together. I also fully understand that you and I are not invited or even welcome there. The only negative is the secrecy about what is discussed, but that doesn't mean we have to jump to conclusions. Besides: nowadays they do show members and topics per meeting on their website.

  10. Prince Bernhard, the grandfather of the current King of the Netherlands, is one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group. A fascinating and charismatic figure with a dubious Nazi past. That is why the Dutch king is in the Bilderberg Group.

    But I must say that Prince Bernhard was a popular figure here in the Netherlands. It was a charismatic crook who married our Queen Juliana, who wasn't exactly known for her good looks, so the prince had quite a few extramarital affairs and children.

  11. All BS aside it sounds like the weakest lineup at Bilderberg in years!
    Maybe the world isn't changing quite how they originally planned???🙈
    Then again if you print the money 💰
    and run the industries 🏭 and
    world politicians 👮🚔

    Then I guess whichever nation ends up on power is irrelevant as long as you can do your business in their regions…
    IE. It's clear Russia and China are going to become the new multi power world, so those same goons that are killing the western world just pack up and wiggle their way into the eastern world over the next decade or two and away they go again and back and forth it goes… Them making money on either side of the globe.

    Only way to end this stuff is to eliminate lobbying and demand TRANSPARENT elections around the world (which we can create but no one will because govs don't want it obviously).

  12. Plenty more attend these too… There's been Irish MP's attending many times. Corruption is always rampant in Ireland, but when it's particularly ripe, the pictures pop up of them gleefully fullfilling their invite !!

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