World Economic Forum CONSPIRACY Hiding in Plain Sight | Breaking Points

Krystal explains how many prominent conspiracy theories in the US are hiding in plain sight.

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  1. Funny how you spent zero time talking about how Elon doesn't attend and is busy trash talking the whole thing on Twitter while they're in session. But I bet if he WAS there, you'd have spent half the time talking shit about him.

  2. While I agree with some of that – the baby formula issue was due to a LACK of free markets. (I have a baby – so I did my research on it.) The shortage happened because of tariffs and weird requirements on baby formula making imports extremely expensive and not really viable. There were literally stings on parents trying to import formula at the beginning of the shortage.

  3. The "climate crisis" you assert is far less urgent than the most publicly outspoken climate alarmists would have you believe. We are told that, for instance, we only have twelve years to solve our CO2 emissions issues, yet that is NOT what the IPCC says in its reports. The science on this is clear, but buried in the finest of fine print in the IPCC publications. Please be a bit more skeptical of the loudest claims, & take the trouble to read/listen to experts like Dr. Steven Koonen who support a much more nuanced opinion on climate change, namely that we have ample time to think clearly about what we should do, world-wide, to prevent massive disruption & huge wasted expenditures of precious {& as-yet uncollected} tax monies. Rather than jumping on every new bandwagon that comes along, a little digging will reassure you that we must think BEFORE we act.
    In the case of the USA, it would be a major help if the current system of "dark money" were prohibited. All political donations, large & small, should be made public within days of the money changing hands, on penalty of serious felony-class penalties for back-room maneuvers to obscure the facts. Donations should be accepted only from human citizens; money from PACs, corporate "citizens" & unions should be declared illegal. Just my late-night fantasy, of course. LOL Americans have the very best politicians that money can buy, & the voters get no real say in how things work. American aristocrats are the best of the best…

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