World Economic Forum Video From 7 Years Ago

Described Is An Experiment That Can Genetically Target

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  1. Stop this vaccine scam guys. Enough of trying to make flu shots part of immunization.

    You cannot print currency to get out of a recession. Only result of inflation is pushing bottom 50% of population into poverty and hunger, by destroying their lives and livelihood.

  2. When the previous civilization started to interfere with the DNA GOD was upset so much that he wiped them off the face of the earth . Only their structures remain. . And yet we don't even attemp to stop then . Looks like we are all going to let them destroy the human race

  3. I raise concern that trying to change colour of a mouse from black to white. Could this be used as a culling process of skin colour in humans. Just a thought

  4. Bible says mixing the seed corrupting the DNA changing molding a new creature YOU same as in
    the days of Noah. Genesis 6:9-17 . The bible Ecclesiastes 1:9 —–there is no new thing under the sun.

  5. Is that why people were going RATTY. Good grief eek. She is not normal in my opinion. Give her cheese and Nuremberg 2 for experimental medicine on innocent people.

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