World Economic Forum: “You Will Have NO PRIVACY And Life Has Never Been Better”

WEF article:

WEF tweet:

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Have you ever noticed when you actually don't own something and are just renting it or it is free you don't treat it as well. Having pots and pans delivered to you. People would not take care of those things, unless of course it lowered your social credit score.

  2. Kind of reminds me of being a child and living at home with mom and dad who take care of all our needs..only in this scenario daddy Klaus views himself as God. I'm assuming no more marriage or children since those weren't mentioned? Or are we to be told who to breed with by Klaus and the children born are his property?

  3. The truth is out there, yes. They are telling people their plans and believe me there are many who love the plan and the idea of everything provided to them. This plan sounds like a dream come true.

    And there are those already living in "outside" communities.

    It's impossible to stop this without God.

  4. Not going to happen. Why would Elon invest billions into starlink to not make any money off of it? Who is going to pay for the solar panels. Who pays for the busses and trains? A poorly thought out pipe dream. Fail

  5. I feel the same way. Used to vote green party in Canada. Now I've joined the Conservative party (I'm not Conservative) to vote for the leader who is against the WEF.

  6. People fear other's potential of morality and thus factions of legalized gangs were created made up of the same humanity that people fear.

    Aka the police are a token for how moral people already act, and no amount of laws and restrictions of freedom will stop a criminal that doesn't care about society to begin with.

    The only power the government has os the power allowed to be taken from the citizens.

  7. Ve have ways of makink you tolk. If someone wants to talk in English. You need to practice on your "va" and "wh". vays? Pronunciation is key. And don't come off as a villain talking about weird stuff like what you're going to do and how you're going to do it and what you're doing it with. that's just evil being stupid. We already know the outcome. Just because of non belief does not give this man a right to carry on an evil plan of Ultimate rule. Then doing it with a nonchalant attitude, explains to the world that you are evil. so stereotypical.

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