World Health Organization Investigators Tied to China?

World Health Organization investigators who looked at the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China may have a conflict of interest. Joe Biden China relations are under scrutiny as the US economy and China economy are on the line. And China and Taiwan battle over pineapples. That and more on this week’s China news headlines.

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  1. That's everything connected to the leftists. "Sounds like something's wrong. We'll setup a group to investigate ourselves and let you know what happens. Trust us."

  2. 4:52 "Since the WHO is limited on what they can do" on the issue of global health. ARE THEY THAT FUCKING SERIOUS? WHATS THE POINT OF THEM EXISTING IN THE 1ST PLACE THEN?!

  3. ?Pearl Harbor, Japan killed 24,000 Americans and Japanese were punished and Now.With the Wuhan biological weapons, the Chinese Communist Party killed 550,00 Americans, killed 2,550,00 people around the world, and caused trillions of dollars in damage.The CCP threatens to seriously expand the World Military and Economy. In 1950, the CCP invaded Tibet States and suppressed strongly. The CCP invaded the Uyghur East Turkestan State and the CCP called Xinjiang. The CCP makes the indigenous population in: Tibet, Xinjiang, Hui Ningxia, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia severely reduced.CCP genocide for human organs. Help the East Turkestan State, State of Tibet … escape the invasion of the CCP zombies. CCP zombies seriously threaten to invade and expand the Sea East, East China Sea, Taiwan, India, … CCP invaded 200 nautical miles of many countries to exploit seafood. The CCP Supports Pakistan to fight India, support Iran, Korea, … to fight the Americans and the Allies. The CCP threatens to expand 'global supply chain' and to expand Military, threatening 'debt trap expansion with many countries'. The CCP brutally persecuted, imprisoned and killed people in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, … Over the past 30 years, the CCP has stolen technology, copyright, and confidential information through Huawei, ZTE, … and Chinese people living abroad. The CCP 'drinks all the water of the Mekong River in the dry season and floods downstream in the rainy season. The CCP has invaded and seriously threatened 'border invasion' of 13 neighboring States. The CCP invades the Economy of many countries: '' by people of Chinese descent who live and naturalize in our Country. They hold many important companies and hold 60-80% of the Economy of many Countries.The United States, the Allies, the United Nations, International Law, WTO and International must immediately remove the CCP's zombies. CCP zombies must be severely punished.If We help ‘The CCP's genocide, brutality, stealing, expansion’ regime continue to exist, then We will kill ourselves.????????????????..

  4. China talks in circles, saying one thing and doing another. Sounds like the big guy continues to follow the lead of his business partners.