World Leaders Blame “Organic Farming” for Food Crisis

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  1. The food crisis is completely manufactured. It has nothing to do with organic farming. GMOs are a tool of monopoly capitalism. I have believed that since I first heard of "terminator" seeds.

  2. I met a nice Russian college student who said our fruits and vegetables are beautiful, but have no flavor. She was used to flavor in her organic foods in Russia. Also, they have more varieties. Chemical comoanies are evil. Why do Americans have so many gut issues? Chemicals.

  3. Just recently watched a video, not sure who said it but he said they will make growing your own food illegal by telling you its dangerous. Call me crazy, but none of this is going to end well

  4. I've noticed that across all platforms, they are causing certain videos to play audio, but the video freezes.

    That is what is happening to your video on Brighteon and on Youtube here.

    I think it is a beta test for an A.I. algorithm planned for the future.

  5. It's all about $$$ & control the leadership = 100% fail wall to wall the people need to take over our own future we need clean food not more GMOs & chems , vax , chips , saw dust & pink slime , corn syrup , soy oil in fast food / baby food …….. F Them !!!!!!!!!!

  6. As far as I am concerned, the number-one reason to avoid non-organic food is that it is full of glyphosate, which is used as desiccant on grain crops, regardless of whether they are GMO. This means that the typical non-organic loaf of bread or box of pasta is full of glyphosate. I advise that everyone switch to all organic food. When I switched, I noticed a clear difference after about a week.

  7. The powers to be are either pretty desperate to hang on to their power or they just blatantly don't give a fuck about even trying to hide what they are up to anymore. Perhaps both. If there are two things on this planet that need to be decentralized more than anything else energy is one of them. Food is definitely the other……….

  8. I don’t know about you guys, but where I’m from, we have food recalls everyday. The latest is JIF Peanut Butter (used to be jiffy).

    Satan is a liar and if you remember that, you will be better off.

  9. I asked a Doc that did All Kinds of testing for ALLERGIES .. if he tested for GMOs … he said " No " . Most big AG Co.s likely help with schools & study's & dump lots of $$$ around .. Docs don't want to step on Large Toes . BTW this doc sold snake oil shots that were meant for allergies .

  10. It is amazing how much environmentally concerned people gravitate to the policies and propaganda of the world bank and its affiliated organizations. Like with the focus on carbon dioxide which results in frenetic passion but glyphosate and atrazine are extolled even though they are endocrine disruptors. The use of phthalates on top of those might concern people even more. The combined effect of "chemicals" compared to the propagandized need for gender diversity. There are segments of the population that can't consume enough estrogen and estrogenic compounds and I wonder if those professionals could even fain concern if they truly believed that their transgendered identity was a boon to be shared. I remember a transgendered woman who was defending the use of perfumes that contain phthalates; " a girl needs her perfume". Maybe it is considered homophobic to suggest hormones in the drinking water are bad.

  11. Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! – Chapter One: The Age of Gold is the Reason Behind World Leaders Blame "Organic Farming" for Food Crisis
    Since I originally intended to read the whole text on my former channel (Ned Ludd), this reading is an updated version of the first chapter. A ferocious & awe-inspiring text, Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! is author Fredy Perlman's magnum opus. The book describes the many acts of resistance against civilization since its inception in the Fertile Crescent, as well as the slow-burning nightmare that Leviathan has brought upon the world. It was the defining text of anarcho-primitivism, and has gone on to influence many writers within & outside of the anarchist milieu since the 1980s.

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