World Powers Create New Coalition To Fight China


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  1. So China and Russia on one side and US and UK on the other. Almost sounds like the alliance domino's are being set up to happen just like WW1. Will we ever learn as a species from our past mistakes. Guess not.

  2. China has condemned the agreement as "extremely irresponsible".

    China has recently made it a point several times that they will nuke everyone standing up to them in any way. So what the hell did they expect? I am surprised more countries aren't making a coalition to counter China simply for that. It's like living on a street with a guy walking around with a gun and threatening to shoot people in the face if they don't do as he says.

  3. Fun Fact: The United States has the best submarines on the planet. The last thing the Commie scum want are a bunch of boats that stealthy in the waters they want to conquer and control.

  4. Australia: [Starts building Nuclear Subs with US and UK help]
    China: "Why are you encouraging an arms race? You're just destabilizing the entire region."
    Australia: "…" [Points at man-made islands with military bases and rumored underwater submarine bases]
    Australia: "Don't even get me started on how you guys threatened to drop nukes because an embassy IN AMERICA was considering having 'Taiwan' added to its name."

  5. Funny all three of those countries are compromised by China. Giving our subs to Australia is an especially good way of getting our tech into Chinese hands thus ensuring another nuclear submarine crisis. Yay

  6. Actually the nz ban on nuclear subs is due to a complete ban on anything nuclear. We have uranium in the south island but we don't mine it due to the anti nuclear policies we have.

  7. We've been entrenched in wwiii for a cool minute. Its some real art of war shit. some peekaboo, blind mans bluff, should I shoot the enemy or eat my feet bull shit. America is a hog tied whore as far as I see…

  8. As usual, 90% of the hardware, manpower and funds will come from the United States.

    Man it's going to be another NATO all over again. I can't wait to listen to more trash talk by countries who are essentially US protectorates.

    Tell me more about your universal healthcare that you pay for with money you're not having to spend on defense from your neighbors. I really want to know how my tax dollars are being spent on four star hotels for jihadis.

  9. who tf would go against China?

    1. They are the most numerous

    2. If you win you loose a lot of chinese trade.
    So many countries survive off of china buying/selling stuff

    3. Youd win slave labour but youd eventually get over run by them.