World Wide Rally for Freedom, Live from Melbourne

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  1. I was there last week, I walked through at least 10,000 people to get closer to the action not really caring if I caught covid because we took that decision before heading there. I am not in the vulnerable group, and there is clearly a group that is vulnerable to dying (but so small it's not likely). I came home and social distanced for a few days just in case (bloody hysterical media got to me), but of course I came home virus free. I am not sure covid actually exists now. This is my opinion.

  2. Those steps of parliament are public property. They have no law that citizens can’t stand there. They don’t want them on the road, but don’t want them where they are legally able to stand only to disperse the crowd. Cops are criminal thugs as is the corrupt government. It’s a creepy country that’s turning very quickly into a black hole of filthy authoritarian totalitarian surveillance state. They are literally live time allowed to surveillance you on your computer. You are not safe. Our government are the criminals online hacking your accounts. They have access to your banking details, everything! They have already hacked my computer after a visit saying it was the wrong address they were looking for knowing full well who they were talking to.

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