World Wide Rally For Freedom: SYDNEY – LIVE

Live from Sydney- signal was jammed by NSW Police resulting in inferior quality

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. Sing "I Am just a weary pilgrim, flying through this world of sin. Getting ready for that City, when the Saint's go marching in!" Definition of Aboriginal people is "Abrams original" then "His'story" was altered to Abra'ham's leading us to a live in sin Ham (Ing'ham QLD) why is most of QLD owned by the queen as protected national parks especially in Ingham where hinchinbrook island is situated? Why does Ingham have a tyto precinct that has a building replicating a serpent and the rainbow serpent drawn on the library building drawn by a white artist. I'm not racist, never been!, just grew up in a racist fascist township and history books teaches that the Aboriginal people worship the rainbow serpent, well not me! I'm glad to inform you that I have been blessed to walk this earth with Jesus Christ as my best friend through the Holy Spirit to guide me through as I've asked for discernment throughout Life's Journey in history books and the Holy Bible scripture. May God open your eye's and ears with eye's to see and ears to hear the rewards of the wicked so you to may draw sweet honey from the Rock. I have more to say but everyone brainwashed into the beast system.

  2. At last the people have stepped out of their fear and the story unfolds.
    we will not have our inalienable rights taken by tyrannical government and bureaucrats.

    From small beginnings over the start of covid 2019. The people have finally seen that the poison injections are just that and more. We must continue to rally towards change. Unite in Victory and restore our country to it's people. The Lion has woken. Hear it's Roar….

    To all the heroes in Victoria thank you for holding the line. To Sydney warriors thank you for uniting as one indissoluble people and to all the little towns, States and territories of this great nation God Bless! and thank you for making this a momentous march to victory and freedom from the shackles of hell. We all must continue. Next week is the Millions march – show your loved ones and friends what we can achieve and ask them to join us all next saturday,
    in every town and suburb if you cannot make it to your capitol city then create your own circle of patriots. Make your placards and take videos and stream it onto your own social media and create a circle of unity across the great Southern land.
    This is our Victory March to a new and amazing future.
    What has been done cannot be undone. But we are strong and will help all those who have been coerced and lied to and we will heal this land.
    Right now we need and must help our beloved first nation people as they are being genocided, right under our noses. WE MUST! SAVE OUR PEOPLE.
    They are being forced/coerced to take the poison and being denied and medical assistance..

    SOS to all caring Australians

    I am so proud of my countrymen today Namaste'

  3. If government leaders are not willing to serve the people then they must be replaced with public servant who will serve Australia. Dan Andrews has an obvious facial expression of contempt for Melbournians. Why is he even paid??

  4. It was good in Sydney today. Great vibe. Peaceful. A massive spectrum of people there. The main news outlets even admitted it was good, no trouble at all. If the police and media say there were 10k there and the other side says up to 100k. I'd say the truth is somewhere in between.

  5. Good on you PEOPLE – this is an example of FREEDOM standing up against Tyranny !! When govts do public events they use Our FUNDS to ensure their AGENDA including public events have perfect acoustics the list goes on. So to those out there complaining about quality of sound/vision appreciate what the sound of Truth and Freedom is up against. We have All govt, media, social media, law enforcement against Us- we are not a well oiled machine as yet ❣️

  6. Missed this one but will b there next w/e
    Hold the line and let’s keep the fight up and keep growing the faith
    They underestimated the power of love
    Let’s keep it cool and show them the almighty power of free will!

  7. We the people are with you all the way I live in Queensland but wish I never left Sydney . Great Job your all heroes vote for Australia Party Craig Kelley for change to come us Aussies and Freedom for all of us. We fight back loud and strong like you guys did here.So Proud to be a Aussie! Aussie Cossack your loved by all Aussies your also doing a great job for standing up for our rights like you do and all the others here speaking up in Sydney.

  8. My body My choice and I know you have heard that before. And the definition of an anti-vaxxer no, I should say anti-experimental drugs for a man-made virus, it’s a person who trust their own immune system more than they trust pharmaceutical companies career politicians and the corporate media. See also critical thinker. All this tyranny while China gets to sit back and watch the world adopt communist style politics on unwilling citizens, Mind blowing.

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