World Wide Rally, Live from Melbourne

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  1. The only ugly extremist is the Bedwetter from Mulgrave, the alledged sexual perpetrator of Linfox fame, the " i hit every step on the way down" clown, the Vermin of Victoria.A round of applause for Mr Daniel Michael Andrews destined to be at the bottom of those stairs again.

  2. I think even the police now realise how insane their orders are to treat ordinary citizens like criminals. Feeding them Mars bars whilst on duty instead of real food? Really?this really is about our health.

  3. Damn. I was watching a live stream, 4 guys in 4 different locations, the video was pulled. I had just subscribed but now can't find it in my subscriptions or the video in watch history. I'm so angry. Does anyone know who they are? They were doing a live stream today and they were brilliant

  4. It is never OK to harm and hurt Animal Justices Party MP's daughter. But it is Ok to allow the Pandemic Bill 2021 enforces vax mandate to harm and damage millions of families and people in Australia?!

  5. This is the state of UK parliament and the laws they create against the people for the elite cooperations. The government is corrupt, politicians are all corrupt sold there soul to the elite 😈 cooperations for election campaign funding. the people need to bring the army into Parliament to clean the filth, else embrace facism people. UK is with the people of Oz hand ✋ in ✋ bs covid bs climate change, bs war on terror, bs wmd with the bs media coperation owned by the elite cooperations have propagandise the sleeping public and have taken our freedoms daily away with the laws created by cronie politicians, against the people they are not representing. VOTE for An INDEPENDENT next election non of these scummie lib lab con faciest in power parties. This is the ONLY way to legitimately take control Parliament and kick the 3 scummie faciest parties where it hurts. You can then Invoke law to arrest all them who voted for the faciest covid agenda with police in your control to arrest and jail mandate.

  6. A rookie cop straight out of the academy makes almost $75,000 at 24:30 there is around 35 cops standing there doing nothing so that's a minimum of 2.6 million dollars of our taxes wasted. Victoria has the biggest police force in Australia and they are specifically there to punish anyone who opposes the Andrews regime.

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