World’s bread basket at risk: Russian invasion blocks farming

Before the war, Ukraine was seen as the world’s bread basket, supplying a significant slice of the planet’s wheat and grain.
But since the Russian invasion, exports have been blocked and farming is difficult and dangerous.
Al Jazeera’s @Hoda Abdel-Hamid reports from Odesa, Ukraine.

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  1. Now those wheat producing countries are using the Ukraine war as an excuse to hike the price just as Biden blaming Russia for the gasoline hike in USA. They are just downright unscrupulous. Years ago, the same kind of tactics happened in Australia where farmers slaughtered and buried their cattle and sheeps in the ground in order to prop up the prices.
    Russia didn't block the export of the wheat from Ukraine. There is no evidence of that. It is the US anti Russia propaganda blaming Russia. It was the same in WW2 where the Germans were blamed for the shortage of gasoline in USA. They are forever blaming others for their mismanagement. I wonder who they going to blame for the shortage of Baby Formula in their country. They wouldn't dare blame lap dogs Australia, New Zealand and Canada or are they going to blame those mothers for not breast feeding their babies.

  2. Well, it’s up to all the world to stop Putin. There is no grey area, no wiggle room. You either work to stop him or if silent or neutral you are supporting him & causing damage damage to more than just z Ukraine 🇺🇦 but people that have no connection other than being totally defenseless.

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  4. This is what you get when you listen america. Like ww2, they were keep their land safe meanwhile they were bombarding europe. Learn from mistake by joining american side

  5. i repeat this is not a test , lol looks alike , old age follows old age , not bread is the will of ppl , this rich grain country is a part of a flying souccer , but this is not a test , can u belive someone is hurting the bread in ur bellis andit feels worse , and u do nothing against it? i hope this not continue much longer , i mean who would have told u if this alien would be ppl and when they would come like usa rich farming capacity out of your countrys would be the aliens , i did! take care of ur business.

  6. Deep sadness surrounds my heart over the huge loss of your beloved reporter Shireen Abu Akleh. Such madness in the world when humankind abuse the free will given to the human race by God. It's wholly despicable that hate, greed and power crazed warmongering is now the normalcy in which you, I and us must dodge, just wanting to live in peace and work hard for our families. Deep sorrow and sadness over such a senseless loss of a dedicated woman. 💔

  7. Hypocrites.

    —The rise in prices for world products is the result of the fighting in Ukraine.

    Therefore, it is necessary to continue these actions indefinitely, supplying weapons to the Kiev regime.

    — Ukraine is one of the largest grain suppliers, and the inability to supply Ukrainian grain provokes its shortage.

    Therefore, it is necessary to block shipments from Russia, which is an even larger supplier of grain in the world.

    — Because of Russia's actions, a terrible famine is imminent in Ukraine itself.

    Therefore, it is necessary to urgently export grain and food from Ukraine to the Europe.

    — Russia has blocked grain shipments by sea to Africa and Asia, which are facing a terrible famine.

    Therefore, it is urgently necessary to block Russian merchant ships so that Russia cannot supply its grain to potential hotbeds of famine.

    — Blocking the seaport of Odessa, where millions of tons of grain have accumulated, is unacceptable.

    Therefore, it is necessary to support the mining of the port by Ukrainians in order to repel a potential attack by Russia.

  8. Can this grain be mover by rail across the border into Poland and even by the truck load ? Then on to ships in the Baltic. Some grain type product could be moved in trains more than a kilometer long. Australia has 268 car trains that are 2.89 kilometres long moving iron ore.

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