Worldwide Covid Fascism is Forming Before Our Eyes

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  1. We're witnessing the end of Canada. Current population of Canada isn't reproducing, we take in more immigrants every year than children are born. (Mostly from countries with a worse cough-19 problem than us.) Eventually, the US will have a crisis on both sides of their country as the future non-white Muslim population of Canada attempts to sneak into the US.

  2. "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

    I don't believe in Satan, but this makes me wonder if our world leaders do. Let me be clear that the COVID shot itself is just a halfway-decent vaccine that provides protection against severe symptoms for a period of time. It's the practice of telling people, "You can't be part of society unless we've done something to your body." that scares me.

  3. This entire scamdemic held a mirror up to everyone one of us and millions saw their own weakness.
    People will keep taking the jabs, people will use the passport, and eventually, whether out of shame and embarrassment, they will turn on those brave enough to object on their behalf.

  4. After watching the podcast at LE I have to say something about Canada. We did not vote for this. When the snake got elected on lies the first time (2015), he wasted no time changing voting laws, importing voters and paying Canadian media to churn out his propaganda.

  5. At the end of this segment they once again rightly point at the east coast of Australia and how authoritarian it is however they also describe the country as being carved up. Our states are sovereign like in the US, we are no more divided than a New York and Wyoming.
    Their ignorance on the politics of Australia is really starting to piss me off. Throughout the entire Covid scenario my state has locked down twice for a sum total of 2 weeks that's probably less than anywhere on earth, what's more my state government has not made any indication of mandating vaccinations. However I may concede that in the future we may get that bad, but we're not there yet and haven't made any of the noises that NSW or Vic have.

  6. The vaxxed will either be extremely ill or dead within 2-3 years….they should have done their research….and the Christian vaxxed certainly should have taken note of the warning in Rev 18:23. Lookup the meaning of the word sorceries in the Greek, in this verse and come to the realisation that you have likely made the BIGGEST mistake of your entire life, that may have actually cost you your eternity in heaven…. So sad, when God warned you and instead you decided to go along with the Satanic Beast system….

  7. This is the establishment using this shamdemic to get back the control they had before the internet and mobile phones stopped them controlling the narrative. I always said they would do it brutally as they couldn't do it subtlety anymore, and they are doing it with their willing brownshirts who love to be told what to do and will ignore the truth even if its in their face.

  8. Sydney was just given their alleged freedom… only
    You were vaccinated. Twice. And they demand “papers please” if you want to visit a shop.

    Shops opening is not a privilege. They are a Necessity for retailers. Hot take. A department store is nothing without customers. They sell brands that can be bought online. I Don’t need brands if I can’t see anyone.

    Hitler thought Jews were dirty. That’s why he wanted them expelled from society. This is no different. “Two weeks to flatten the curve.”

    I don’t think we need to show double vax proof for supermarkets. That would say it all… it’s a human rights violation. They just have enough compliance.

  9. A lot of younger voters in canada who would have voted NDP due to shallow policy offerings, voted Trudeau instead. They wanted to really defeat O'toole (conservative leader), in spite of his more progressive policies and abandonment of the soc cons.

  10. Here in Canada, education is under Provincial control. I live in the Province of Ontario, and the government of the province before the current one had a very stupid line from the Minister of Education. She kept babbling on about how everyone had to honor the 'collective agreement' between the government and the teacher's unions. And by 'collective agreement' she meant the legislated contract the government had imposed by statute.

  11. When I talk to my friends about this … (the few friends I have who have a glimpse of an understanding as to what's going on), they say something like "The people won't stand for this much longer. They can't keep getting away with it.". I will show them the Rumble video. Look at Australia. They will get away with it. They have gotten away with it. And that's what it will come to in this country. We are indeed a nation of sheep governed by wolves.

  12. in the full version you mention how Trudeau has no mandate to impose these vaccine requirements. But he essentially does. The Liberals, the Greens and the NDP all made campaign trail statements in support of vaccine mandates, and the Conservatives were promising to require twice weekly covid tests to anything. Essentially make your life unlivable without the vaccine. Canadians overwhelmingly voted in favor of vaccine mandates by voting either Lib, NDP or Green. Only the 5% of people who voted for Bernier sincerely opposed the mandate. Where does that leave Canada? We're the colonists who weren't willing to fight for autonomy, and just go along. We're a very compliant people, it would seem

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