Worst Vox Video EVER?

In this video I breakdown Of Season 2 episode 1 of the YouTube Original series Glad you asked. I talk about some of the positives in this episode like production value & about how Hollywood depictions of stereotypes in film can be an issue. But ultimately I point out how this over produced and unnatural video didn’t achieve or say anything, & of course spread misinformation
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  1. I think Native Americans might disagree with you on the Europeans are not foreigners take.

    I understand the argument, the majority of the population in America has European ancestry, therefore it's silly to suggest that European-Americans are foreigners. My take though, is that America isn't an ethnicity like being "Irish" or "Italian".
    Being American is a nationality, and whether you are White, Black, Asian, Latino or Indigenous, if you were born in America/Have American Parents/Naturalised as a citizen then you are simply an American, doesn't matter what skin color you have, you're all foreigners to the land other than the indigenous people.

    My view is based on a European perception on nationality, which is quite different from America's views.
    In the Netherlands if you have African ethnicity, but Dutch nationality, your nationality takes precedent over your ethnicity, which just comes as an after thought, background information.
    In the United States though, if you have African ethnicity but American Nationality, you're already categorized based on your 'race', you're an African-American, while European descendants, are just 'White'.

    These views really clash with the attitudes seen here in Europe. That being said in Europe, if you're not of European Nationality, you are very much stigmatised, and of course there's still racism in Europe, skin heads exist, but for the majority, people look at your nationality first rather than your skin color.

  2. When Obama was president he wrote into law that minority kids are not to be suspended from school even for crimes .
    Vox is run and promotes socialist ideas. They don't try to hide it. They also turns everything into race baiting.

  3. It's not they're not doing anything. The emptiness of this kind of stuff is the point. It distracts us, while deeply racist and destructive ideas are embedded in our institutions.

  4. I actually went to go make a takeout order for some Mexican food a couple of days ago and saw a hispanic guy standing inside the entrance and then said to him I'd like to make an order. Turns out he was a customer. Haha whoops.

  5. "Bad guys are always bald and black"….
    Joker, Lex Luthor, Doc Oc, Dr. Evil, Dr. Doom, Bane, Voldemort, The Emperor, Darth Vader… Literally all the most famous antagonists are white. I might be inclined to agree on the bald thing, but seriously, get a grip.

  6. For the lulz I joined a facebook group (that's since been taken down for violating community standards) called Seems Like Your Spirituality's Cultural Appropriation: the Religion. The group was largely female, pro-segregation, anti-white, anti-male, and so caught up in "anti-racism" that they didn't realize how racist they were.

    Some things I learned from the group.
    -You're not overweight because you eat too many unhealthy foods. You're being bodyshamed by white supremacy and the male patriarchy.
    -Your race matters on everything you say. Most members of the group would start their posts with the race they "self identified" as.
    -If you have European Ancestry dating back 100-300 years or so, you should be ashamed of your bloodline. But if you can trace your roots back to pre-Christian cultures, you're fine.
    -"African culture" is exactly the same for all the 54 countries found there.

    And when the group was finally taken down, they claimed it's because it was a group lead by female POC. Which white supremacists won't allow on facebook.

  7. The whole racial preference in dating is "problematic and racist" is stupid since attraction has nothing to do with beliefs on race. Some of the most racist white people in history have been attracted to other races that they have put down and the same can be said about racist people from other groups. Therefore, just because someone is attracted to another race doesn't mean they aren't racist and viceversa.

  8. I was racist to other races. Then I became a Christian. I now take people for who they are with the love of Jesus in my heart. Jesus loved people for who they are and who they can be with His help. Look to Jesus to love people.

  9. I want to tell you what I think but I think it’s important to first have a conversation about having conversations about expressing how we feel.

  10. I said this once and will forever say it over and over. Many of our major media companies are blatantly bought out by CCP and have them influence the narrative in our country. No it’s not xenophobic, no it’s not racist. I’m Chinese myself and I fully know what the fk CCP is capable of doing and is doing, so fk all of you SJWs

  11. Too many self-flagellating white people in these type of videos. The whole thing is not only completely cringe, it’s perpetuating a false stereotype of white people, on the whole.

  12. This dudes hispanic? So Im racist for not seeing it? Or I am if i noticed it?
    FFS! Can't we just go back to not liking someone cause they just an assh_le? If they are an ass I'd dislike them no matter their color. Person is just an assh_le.?‍♂️. BTW, is the white guy supposed to be, isn't or trying to be (pick a pronoun) gay, straight/gay, her/him but wanted to be a him today etc?

    All the sudden I have a headache. Im biased against aspirin though. But aspirin's white. FM?‍♂️

  13. There is no such thing as racism,
    Ther is good behavior guided by Gods love
    there is evil behavior guided by Satans hate and anger.
    Racism is a word created by democrat politicians specifically designed to control people by putting fear and guilt.into some people and making others angry and dejected…

  14. To the “gentrification” crowd, I have a question. If “whites” moving into a historically “black neighborhood” is considered gentrification, do they likewise consider “blacks” moving into a historically “white neighborhood” de-gentrification?

  15. "Most of the bad guys are bald and black."
    How many James Bond movies have there been? I think "Live and Let Die" is the only one with a villain who could be described that way. (Okay, you COULD describe all the Bond villains that way, but not accurately.)

  16. When someone asks I work at a place and I don't, I help them as much as i can anyway, and if I'm ignorant about what they're asking I either help them find an employee, tell them where I saw an employee, or point out where customer service is in the store. I realize that it's a weird personality thing of mine to do that, but I never understood why people got offended when they were asked if they work at the place they're at.

  17. Most if not all of the movies in Hollywood today they will never show the black star character as the bad guy except when the black star wants to play the bad guy, example Denzel Washington in training day?

  18. Wokesters: Facial recognition is racist because it can't see POC as well as whites.

    Someone improves facial recognition to identify POC's equally as well as whites.

    Also wokesters: Facial recognition is racist because POC's are being identified in crimes at a disproportionate rate.


  19. Everyone is obsessed with race nowadays. Someone’s race in the current day age automatically depicts someone’s character when it used to be that someone had to judge a person by their character, not race. The “logic” nowadays is that if you’re a minority, you’re a good person and could never do evil and if your white especially a male, then you’re the definition of bad and evil. We’re devolving thanks to racial politics.

  20. She had to be specific about what type of store she was in. "I was shopping in a VINTAGE store in Brooklyn." Of course you were honey,you're so tragically hip.

  21. The test they took at the beginning of the video was debunked in 2017. I took the test myself and it is it really bad and biased test. It said that I was racist even though I answered some of the questions moderately.