WORTH THE PRICE? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War (narrated by Danny Glover)

WORTH THE PRICE? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War is a documentary short reviewing the role of then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) in leading the United States into the most devastating foreign policy blunder of the last twenty years.

Produced and directed by Mark Weisbrot and narrated by Danny Glover, the film features archival footage, as well as policy experts who provide insight and testimony with regard to Joe Biden’s role as the Chair of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 2002.

Written by Mark Weisbrot


  1. Too bad you didn't stretch this film out a bit by adding Scott Ritter to the contributors.
    Scott Ritter is a former Marine Officer (Major or Lt Col O-4 or O-5) and also a very senior weapons inspector with his own "boots on the ground" in search of Iraqi "weapons of mass distruction" and came up with a great big goose egg and has been very outspoken about it. So outspoken in fact that they set him up to imprison him to keep him quiet!
    Scott Ritter is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO WHO SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER whether they want to hear it or not!

  2. The most flagrant, despicable act of foreign aggression and corruption I've ever seen. We watched the absurdity of the narrative unfolding, each new justification more implausible than the last. Helpless as mere people of the world as corporations, via their global organisations and their governments made a mockery of international laws and conventions and inflicted immeasurable misery and suffering on a fabricated foe. War crimes of the highest order, corruption on an unparalleled scale, and no one ever held to account.

  3. The Democratic Party like the Labour Party in the UK are just out and out warmongers. These opportunists are corrupt in getting appointments as thank you for government war contracts. Is there no end to this. No wonder Trump said 'drain the swamp'.

  4. Why doesn't this video BEGIN with – the USA and allies illegally invaded Iraq and hundreds and thousands of civilians were murdered? No, it starts by stating the deaths of US losses. Why did the USA invade? TO STEAL OIL AND CONTROL OIL – WHICH THEY DID ON A GARGANTUAN SCALE! What a shower of liars.

  5. How is it that when US vets talk about the cost of lives lost in wars that the US started they always talk about the thousands of US lives lost and the mental health problems suffered by US military personnel and don't seem to remember the hundreds of thousands (in Iraq it could be as high as 1 million) of people, most of whom were civilians, who were slaughtered in their own country when it was invaded by the US. A little balance would be nice please.

  6. All these God Damned warmongers will get theirs on the Day of Judgement when The Judge is their creator who warned them against sowing death and destruction in this World….. To the depths of Hell they belong!

  7. from google:
    ""A "yes" vote was a vote to grant President Bush the power to attack Iraq unilaterally. A "no" vote was a vote to defeat the measure. Voting "yes" were 29 Democrats and 48 Republicans. Voting "no" were 1 Republican, 21 Democrats, and 1 Independent.""

  8. If you have oil or anything the USA considers valuable, they will manufacture a reason to liberate it from you. That is USA inc since WWII.